[Fantasy/Gore] Shattered Reverie
A dab of a sweat went down the side of Ateren's face as he listened to the Kobold question him. He looked past her for a moment to see his old time buddy Shin head away to the bedrooms in a bit of a hurry. In the mean time, he figured it would be polite to accommodate the inquiries of the Kobold. He uses his good hand to grasp the brim of his hat and lifted it slightly before putting it back on his head. "I'll have you know that this hat has saved my life on countless occasions. I made it myself. I build and repair things for a living. Especially air-ships." He then looks to his left hand and sighs.

Ateren takes his left hand and removes the glove. "Now, on my way here I kind of had an accident in the engine room of my air-ship. Had to emergency land just outside." As proof, his left hand looks recently burned with a few blisters checkering parts of his hand. "I personally would like to wait a day after a near death experience before being questioned and criticized though." He places the glove back on, as it was right painful still to have open air brush against it. He didn't have spare medical on 'hand'. :3 "So... what are you needing anyways?" He figured there was something, people don't just walk up and say `hey, pay attention to me, what's wrong with your hand? You uncomfortable around women or somethin? Oh, that hat of yours is odd.` In rapid succession without some purpose he thought.
Mezora sat at the bar staring at the money the human gave her. It was rather kind of him, she'll have to repay him back in someway. She looks up from the counter to the bartender and waves him down. "Sir, I'd like to pay for a room and I would also like to know what room number the human boy that was next to me is in. I'd like to pay him a visit."

The bartender let out a sigh and grabbed one of the keys hanging on the key rack. "I'm only doing this because you are not a very good succubus and I know you want do anything to him. He's in room 7, right next to yours, which is room 6." he lays the key on the counter and walks to another customer who just came in.
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Tatiana sits down and was eating her meal by the bar, besides an Artic Vandrare female, who she finally made out as she walked past and got a closer look before she sat down at the bar. 
She kept alternating between tuning in and out of many conversations including that succubus girl chasing after that human boy, and the kobold questioning the other human male.
It didn't seem like the succubus is having much success so she does feel a bit bad for the succubus, and relieved that the bartender didn't just kick her out like she feared would earlier. Maybe she knew the boy? To her, that might seem likely.
When she tunes back to the conversation between the kobold and the other human, she picked up airships and mechanics. That sounded great to be able to have an airship to travel the land with ease, although Tatiana can't quite afford nor maintain such a luxury herself. If she had this human or someone like this human to take care of that for her, she'd be almost set for hunting journey.
Continuing her meal, she turns over at the Artic Vandrare and gives a nervous yet amiable smile as a greeting.
Kōkishin gave out a aggravated sigh as he placed the book on the floor with the spine facing up. Not only did he not find the answers he was looking for, but his eyes began to hurt a bit from trying to read all the small text. After a moment, he got up and sat down more comfortably on the bed and took out his sword, reminiscing a bit on where he started. It made him smile a bit, seeing on how far he came since beginning his travel's. Out of boredom, he took out a sharpener and began swiping it across the edge of the blade to make sure it didn't go dull just yet. He checked the time near by and made a mental note on when to sleep, when to get up and continue on, not trying to stay any longer than he has to. He pauses for a moment and shivers; something about the succubus just didn't sit well with him.

Kōkishin had experience with a succubus before, he knows he has. But it never felt the same way as it did with this certain one. Perhaps it was the gender? No, the other one was a female as well. . . he thinks. Either way, his eyebrows furrowed a bit from being confused when his thinking was broken by someone walking right to his room door. He held his breath and looked up. 'I got a bad feeling about this.' he said to himself mentally before hiding his sword by his side, ready to cause a scene if he must.
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Nazaire's expression immediately changes to one of interest when she hears him mention his mechanical problems.
"An airship broken you say..?"
"I'll bet I could fix it so well it'll even run better than before, for the right price, I have materials, tools and all the time in the world. Steam-driven airships up here are simple enough I'd say."

Nazaire usually doesn't bother with tinkering with the craftsmanship of machines made on the surface. All those metal gears, smoke, steam, fire, copper and electricity just seems so crude and almost barbaric compared to the magic-fueled technology common in the great underground kingdoms she came from. But while the great airships and clockwork machines found on the surface obviously came from /somewhere/, she didn't get many chances to meet someone who built them.

"So long as I'm paid for services rendered and materials used of course."
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What a Mystery
Skye was surprised to find the bat girl from down the bar suddenly taking a seat next to her, now eating her meal. What was more surprising however was the fact the bat girl seemed unperturbed by the presence of Skye. Usually people of any species upon getting a closer look either asked an endless stream of questions on what Skye was exactly or they simply passed on, a little worse for wear and looking a bit confused. Instead the bat girl gave Skye a nervous but nonetheless friendly smile.
Skye sat frozen for a few seconds unsure of how to respond to the bat girl but from what she had overheard from the conversation, the bat girl seemed nice enough, so for now Skye nervously returned the smile and instead turned her eyes back to the strange human and the Kobold. She was just able to overhear their conversation between the two and the Kobold seemed to be offering help to repair the strange humans airship. This word drew Skye's attention into slightly sharper focus. An airship? With something like that surely this strange human might be able to provide a job of some sort. Though Skye thought to herself she was already beaten to the punch, as the Kobold was already offering to help the human.
Skye sighed to herself thinking that it was probably not the best to pursue this crazy dream of hers of seeing the world. Obviously she wasn't cut out for such a thing, lacking not only necessary combat skills, but social skills to boot. Skye slumped her shoulders to this but nonetheless took another sip from cider and quickly perked herself back up thinking to herself being negative was not something that was going to help her, and she would resolve to herself to seek a better paying job so that she might also one day see the world beyond this town.
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Ateren blinks. "Well, usually I maintain it myself." He then shows his left hand. "But, being able to get it fixed before this heals would be great. I'd also be more than happy to pay for the work and supplies." He then looks her up and down. "Maybe a few upgrades would help too." He wasn't completely aware of what goes on in the clockworks below and the under-kingdoms. He then lowers his left hand. He has plans to talk to shin, but that can wait.
Mezora wondered around the inn's hallways until she found the right door. She wasn't too sure what she was going to do but she had to pay this boy back. She knocked on the door and waited for him to answer. Hopefully she found him at a good time, she didn't want to intrude.
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Tatiana simply takes a drink and watches the girl next her slump down and then perk back up, maybe she could strike a conversation with this girl.
Maybe ask about her species? That would sound awkward... Tatiana wasn't particularly affected by the girl's strange species anyways, she has seen and heard of more ferocious and odd creatures or monsters of larger size that it doesn't strike her as something really new.
How about the girl's profession or ambitions, that could be a good way to get to know the girl, but maybe she's getting too far ahead of herself...
She decided to start by just saying hello and asking how her night is going.
"Hello there, may I ask how is this night treating you?" She politely asked with some professionalism
'Ugh, that might have sounded too stuck up.' She thought to herself, hopefully the girl isn't turned off by that
Kōkishin flinched at the sound of the knock. He took a moment to calm down but kept aware. Before getting up, he held onto his book and held it behind his back, since it was shaking like crazy. He walked to his door and took a deep breath. 'Okay, stay focus. Don't fall for it.' he says to himself. Kōkishin closes his eyes then opens to act as if he was both curious and surprised as he unlocked and opened the door a little. "Oh, hello. Is there something you need?" he says in a calm tone. He held the book tightly behind his back to keep it from shaking wildly. He had to make sure not to fall for whatever this succubus is doing, intentional or not. 
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