[Fantasy/Gore] Shattered Reverie
As Tatiana walked down the stairs she hears conversation and sees a strange female that she isn't familiar with species wise, and with two human males on both sides of that girl
She notices the bartender is demanding something from the girl, it'd probably be best to see what's going on and defuse this situation she thought... otherwise if this keeps up she might have her warm meal because she's honestly quite hungry.
"Hey uh... what's going on here? Is there some sort of trouble?" She asked politely, standing by the stairwell and trying her best to sound like a neutral party.
Kōkishin eyebrows furrowed a little bit after the bartender finished speaking. He heard what he said, to an extent, only hearing that he was gay but after that he somewhat tuned out. "Um.. If I'll pay for her drink, sir." he says in a calm and soothing manner. The bartender raised an eyebrow at him, "Is that you talking or the succubus's magic working on you?" he asked. Kōkishin paid no attention as he pulled out a bit extra of the amount he needed to get. "Oh, and before you go, I'd like to get a room please. Anything will do." The bartender shrugged, "Your choice, kid." he said with a sigh and took the money, putting a room key with the number seven on it. He smiled politely and whispered a thank you, which the bartender took no heed to and went on to the person next to him.
Kōkishin glanced over at the succubus. He could've sworn he read things about them and how attractive they could be, but he couldn't remember anything other than that for the life of him. He put it into the back of his mind and smiled at her. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. Something about her attracted him. He did his best to look away and not seem like a perv, looking towards his right. He suddenly paused and widened his eyes. Before him was someone he never expected to see anymore. "Hat and clogs...?"
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Upon the human's entrance into the Tavern Nazaire only facepalms. She doesn't want to deal with this sort of thing, she'd honestly rather not.
Still, she was looking for something to do and she's learned from experience that plenty of idiotic lunatics have lots of money. In fact, the quicker she found out if he has something for her to do the quicker she could get away from him in this tavern.
She stands up, approaches and pokes the flamboiyant tophat wearing man on the shoulder with no small degree of force, interupting any conversation he may have been trying to initiate with the succubus or bartender.

"Hey, you, Pay attention."

Standing before him is the kobold woman, in heavy looking boots that look like they should be worn in a military uniform, as well as loose fitting but heavy pants held in place by her belt, covered in satchels, revealing only a little of her hips. She has a snugly fitting, very dark green shirt, cut well above her belly button, it'd reveal alot were it not for her nearly closed vest on over it, colored black. She wears two gloves, both of them have clearly studded knuckles. A bandolier with additional satchels is drawn from her right hip to her left shoulder. Her eyes are an annoyed, piercing green, her short hair is silver. Her dark clothes and bleak looking light grey skin contrast so much with her eyes that it looks completely unnatural. What is clearly a pistol of some kind is holstered on her right hip, in her left is a knife. She doesn't look like she's in the mood to deal with any sort of frivolity or... well, people in general, really. The only thing keeping her from looking like some sort of monster is how short she is, standing somewhere around shoulder height to an average human.
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What a Mystery
Skye took a hefty swig from her warm cider and with a click of her tongue she realized that it was now empty. Skye sighed to herself knowing that she wouldn't have another solid meal for at least a week. Nonetheless as she laid her empty mug on the counter the bartender who had just finished dealing with the succubus and her two new male companions walked over and asked,
" Need a refill madam?"
Skye shook her head and waved the bartender away along with her now empty mug to which the bartender adopted a slightly grumpy look, clearly hoping this mysterious customer of his would pay up more money for another drink.
Skye perked herself up again and decided to sit awhile at the bar and simply watch the patrons of the Inn mill about. When Skye had free time, people watching was a hobby of hers, it allowed her to more closely study the social constructs that this unfamiliar world used. As she quietly studied the Inn, the Kobold she had noticed earlier had gotten up and was now attempting to converse with the rather out of place looking human with the strange hat that had entered the Inn not long ago. Nearby was the Succubus her Male savior who seemed to have indeed paid for the succubus and also the bat girl who had come down the stairs from earlier, looking a bit lost as pertaining to the situation that unfolded already.
Skye blinked a bit clearing her eyes to get a better look at the Kobold and the strange human. Even to Skye who had not been around for much more then a few months could tell the Kobold had a look about her that indicated a sort of no nonsense type of personality. The Kobold was armored, and if Skye wasn't mistaken also armed, as indicated by the one holster Skye could see from her angle, in which Skye could make out what looked to be a pistol of some sort. Skye thought immediately this must be an adventurer of some type, more likely then not a mercenary looking for work. Skye wondered to herself quietly how the strange human would respond, if by any luck he was looking for help, Skye reasoned to herself she might also investigate in hopes of finding a paying job.
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Hoooo-boy. A lot had transpired in a quick amount of time. Ateren barely has enough time to react to things properly. First things first, he rose an eyebrow and was kind of glad that the bartender didn't immediately fall for the succubus. It gave him a bit of resolve to actually look at her when she deflated as such. Gave her a bit of relatability that was needed. He then noticed Shin, he smiled and gave a light wave. "Long time no see." He said. To his right he heard a soft spoken voice ask about how everything was and gave her a nod. He was about to say something when he heard Shin pay for the Succubus. He thought to himself 'Oh no...' but he secretly hoped it was because he was being nice.

Ateren took a look back over to Shin to converse more when he felt a forceful poke on his shoulder. He heard the words the Kobold spoke and looked to see a rather annoyed woman. "O-Oh. Were you trying to get my attention? I sincerely apologize..." A small fact of the matter is that Ateren resents upsetting others. Which is partly why he's flamboyant in the first place. Optimism at its finest. He could quickly tell that she had a `I want something` look. At first he wondered if she wanted money. But maybe she wanted to clock him in the face for sitting next to the succubus. To which he was ready to retaliate if it was the latter.

To cover a broad spectrum of possibilities, without touching his hat or anything, the top of the hat opened up and a small mechanical hand came out and waved. Ateren gave a bright smile before speaking. "So, what is it that you're needing?" Small note though, his left hand is on the counter, and it's basically frozen in place as he dared not move it. As well as being the only gloved hand, it was in an odd position. A contorted clawing position that mimics Crazy hand from super smash brothers melee and brawl.
Mezora turned her head on the table without lifting her body towards the human boy to her right. "Thank you" she said with tears streaming down her face. She then turned towards the batgirl coming down the stairs and proceeded to say "No trouble here, just my succubus pride is shattered." Mezora soon realized if she couldn't pay for a drink she couldn't afford a room which made her pout more. She turned to the human to the left of her and asked nicely "Can I sleep with you?" Oblivious to how that sounded.
Nerf this
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Succubus? She's heard rumors about succubi charming and taking men but this wasn't what she was expecting, so warm and casual. Perhaps back before she departed on her journey, the other hunters who had told gossip about succubi at the campfire were probably just exaggerating. This one doesn't seem so bad, even if she just asked to sleep with that human.
"Uh... I wouldn't be worried about your pride. Besides you can't always just charm everyone you meet, you don't want to be chased out of town" She says, trying to give advice while still remaining friendly with an assured smile
Then she noticed the kobold woman from behind who seems to be starting a conversation with the dapper looking human male, she looked like a traveler of sort, maybe another hunter? Or just a sellsword? And that human, he could be some strange explorer. Regardless, Tatiana should just have to wait and see before coming up with such assumptions. Other than that, nothing else seemed out of the ordinary save for the hooded patron with the scarf Tatiana has yet to take notice.
She sits down, and asks the bartender for some water and a nicely cooked meal to fill her up, and as curious as she is she starts listening in on the conversation between the kobold and the human without looking too conspicuous.
Never before did Kōkishin wanted to give in to his desire more than now. This was the first time he ever had such a way towards another being, even during his time in his town. He was about to give an enthusiastic yes, until he felt something in his inner pocket beginning to shake. Knowing the feeling all too well, he wrapped up his jacket around him and held it close to his chest. He never took it into account until now that something was very, very wrong with how kind he was acting. "A-Actually, I'm not able to sleep if I have another person near me." he says, trying to sound calm along with a gentle smile. He quickly takes the time to shuffle some coins into his hand and set it on the table. "H-here, this should be enough for a room at least." 

He looked around hastily with a little bit of sweat pouring down the side of his face due to the feeling inside his jacket. Whatever was happening was not going to end well. Knowing Ateren would be preoccupied with he can only assume is an employer, Kōkishin got up and made his way past the Succubus and what he now realized was an Arctic Vandrare, but not before his nose twitched once more. He paused for a moment looked over his shoulder to see that the Vandrare's glass was empty. For a moment, he took account that it was a female and took a moment to study her. He felt a slight attraction to her, though it was more of the aura he felt rather than appearance. This attraction, however, felt more natural than it did with the succubus. He slips some coins next to her in hopes that it wasn't a wrong decision. 'This isn't good.' he says to himself mentally. He hastily walked around and twirled the key in between his fingers. 'C'mon, c'mon, where is that room?!' he thinks in anticipation before finally finding the same room key number. "Finally." he utters in relief quietly and enters his room.

Kōkishin quickly locks the door behind him and slips down against the door, breathing a bit heavily and feeling tensed. He takes out the book his brother gave him and stares at it, which was no longer moving. 'What happened out there,' he ponders. 'It never felt that intense before.' He sets it aside and takes out his journal and begins writing. 'On my way to a tavern in the town of Letsber, everything felt normal. As I go to the bar, however, I encounter a succubus. I remember stories about them and about their beauty and something else.' He pauses from his writing and takes a deep breath. What was it that he read? 'As I kindly paid for her drink, she asks if she chould could sleep with me. That's when the book began to shake again. Thrid Third time this week, too. What's happening?'' He puts up the journal and looks back at the book with the strange symbol on it. He reaches for it and begins to skim through it, hoping it has the answers he needs to figure out what the heck is going on.
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.
Nazaire gives him a deadpan stare, not sure what to expect from this man, so distracted she is she almost forgets why she got up in the first place.
"Is something wrong with your hand or are you just so uncomfortable around women and forgot your stress ball at home? <.<"
"And no, not... that... thing that came out of your hat... just.."
"Don't ever do that again, please -n-"
"A colossal waste of metal"

Despite her discomfort, she doesn't look away from him, at least. Her eyes are really something else, for sure, an unnatural shade of solid green.
"What happened to your hand?"
SHe says, odd considering she shouldn't be able to see anything wrong with his gloves.

At the moment she does not care much for what else is happening around her.
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What a Mystery
Skye observing quietly from down the bar had a bit to take in on the developing situation with the succubus. The succubus seemed deflated on her unsuccessful attempt to charm the bartender and the bat girl who had come down the stairs seemed to be trying to comfort her. The strange human with the unusual hat addressed the Kobold but did not say anything that indicated to Skye he was in search of assistance. Indeed the Kobold who had tried to get his attention was quickly distracted as was Skye by the small mechanical hand that popped out of the hat to wave. Skye blinked and rubbed her eyes slightly to make sure she wasn't just seeing things.
Meanwhile the human who had paid for the Succubus also seemed to pay for a room for the Succubus, but shortly after this the human wrapped his jacket around him and took off with great haste towards the rooms upstairs. Skye was not quite sure why this human seemed so eager to depart the scene, as she could not quite hear the full conversation from this far away. Before Skye could react however the human leaving the scene paused for a split second before turning slightly and slipping a few coins next to Skye's empty mug before heading upstairs. Skye was perplexed and had no time to really thank the human before he left wondering to herself why in the world this human was this charitable. Usually she wasn't paid much mind by anyone, so the fact a random human deposited some money for her confused her to no end. This was compounded by the fact Skye did not know quite how to act in these situations other then issuing a quick expression of gratefulness. Skye however was not inclined to complain about the situation and called over the Bartender and quietly said,
" One more warm cider then."
The bartender smiled taking the few coins the human had slipped Skye before taking Skye's mug and refilling it once more to the brim with frothy cider. Skye smiled to herself thinking that this had been a rather fortuitous day and took a measured sip from her mug deciding she would savor the drink for the time knowing she would not have such luck later on. Skye turned again to observe the strange hat wearing human and the Kobold who she now noted had rather curious eyes, a unusual shade of solid green. Upon closer inspection the human was actually only wearing one glove on his left hand and it seemed glued to the bar counter. Skye wondered why this was so but it seemed the Kobold did to as Skye could hear her question the human on the subject. Skye took another measured sip continuing to quietly observe the strangers at the other end of the bar for the time.
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