[Fantasy/Gore] Shattered Reverie
It is evening, the sun is going down  and one of the planet's three moons, sentinel, is rising in the sky. In a small town called Letsber just outside of the grand city known the world over as "Ascent", there is a small crowd of people in town, doing business, trade or travel before it gets dark. These people are here for all kinds of reasons, whether they would just rather stay in a small town than the huge city less than a mile away, or if they are adventurers seeking to help with the city's many problems.
Ascent is aptly named, it's vast towers and spires reaching far into the sky, connecting to the flying platforms, sections of the city tethered in place by huge chains, giving the city an otherworldly look from miles around. Flying ships of all kinds come in to dock at these floating sections of the city.

Letsber attracts all sorts of people for any number of reasons- it's several inns are known for being full of strange and foreign people. One such strange and foreign person is a girl who seems as if she'd much rather keep to herself, finding the quietest inn she could just barely outside of town, sitting in a corner table. She is here out of sheer boredom but is quickly beginning to wonder if trying to find something mildly dangerous and tons of fun to do in such a small town is a good idea. Still, she is happy to see she's not the only non-human species running around here.

She spent the day looking for something more fulfilling and better paying to do than courier work or a mercenary job and was so far unsuccessful.
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What a Mystery
Despite the setting sun there was still quite a bit of hustle and bustle in the town square of Letsber. Species of all types milled about their own business wrapping up their days work as with any other day. The wind was becoming cooler and three moons rose slowly on the horizon.
Skye found herself slipping past the fast shrinking crowds that were now retiring to their homes and businesses. As it happened however Skye was still on a job, albeit on the last one of the day, delivering a package to a home not to far outside of town. It was nothing glamorous job to be sure but it put money into Skye's pocket so that she may one day do something else aside from minor courier work.
This was not the time to think of it however as Skye hummed to herself slightly before deciding to pick up the pace and finish her last job. Skye quickly pulled up her hood and tightened her scarf in the cooling air then began a quick jog. It wasn't to far from the town square to the home in question and all Skye had to do was drop off the package on the owners doorstep, her payment would come tomorrow morning when the delivery had been confirmed. With a swift quiet step Skye found herself laying the package down on the doorstep of the home she was delivering to, seemingly empty at the time.
Skye then perked back up again and reached for her bag and checked her coin pouch. She clicked her tongue, slumping her shoulders. She supposed she could find a warm bed at an inn for the night rather then sleeping on the streets again for the amount of money in there but it wasn't much more then to pay for a bed and a meal. Skye sighed but nonetheless picked her shoulders up and headed for a quiet little Inn she had delivered to before, not to far from the home she had just delivered to.
As Skye entered the inn, the inn itself wasn't anything special, but certainly a lot quieter then most of the crowded inns closer to the Town Square. Skye took a brief look around the place before deciding to see if she couldn't grab some food and drink before buying out a bed. She took a seat at the half empty bar and called over the bartender whom she immediately recognized as one of her many clients. A middle aged old human man Skye did not remember the name of, Skye quietly said,
" Warm Cider please. And anything grilled, preferably beef if you can... Also book me a bed, any will do."
The bartender tilted his head slightly perplexed by the curious accent in a moment of struggling to remember something but failing. He nonetheless procured a rather frothy cup of warm cider, a small cut of grilled beef, and a small key labeled with the number six to the hooded girl. Skye nodded in thanks and emptied her coin pouch with a slight sigh. The bartender counted the funds and silently nodded to himself leaving to attend to the other patrons as Skye took the opportunity now to take a quick look around the inn. Nothing really stood out from Skye's view, it was more a mix of unfamiliar faces that she had long since given up on keeping track of, given the towns habit of attracting all sorts of people of every kind of species. However at a closer look Skye spotted what seemed to be a female Kobold, quietly sequestered to a corner table, looking very much as if she wanted to be left well alone. Skye turned to her food again, now wondering why a Kobold would be here of all places, their kind were usually found underground. Though then again Skye supposed to herself that her own race of Arctic Vandrare were also not exactly common to these parts and Skye smiled to herself, knowing quite confidently she was the only one of her race her or anywhere in the world. Not that it mattered anyways, her hooded robes and scarf blocked her body and face from being seen or recognized by anybody, as Skye began to eat slowly.
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The night sky... so beautiful and always carrying a pleasant gust that would caress everyone in the night sky. Such a thing was seductive and playful. Ateren, a human, travels along these winds. A repairman and aspiring inventor, he finds himself to be wed with the night sky. His ship, is a flying tugboat with giant signs and patchwork steam punk era plating. The front looked like the head of a dragon and had a curious black cylinder inside it. The bottom of the ship had thrusters in the shape of wings that propelled the ship and kept it aloft. A speaker system was playing, it had an upbeat sound that was very reminiscent of the past.

Ateren himself wore a very expensive brown coat and wore top of the line shirts and pants. The entire getup was riddled with badges and awards. A huge hammer was sheathed on his back. Ateren's green eyes pierced forward and he adjusted his hat. His hat, was a clockwork top hat. Gears that constantly ticked and had inner workings that only he knew about. His ship was a dot in the sky... illuminated by the moon behind him. He neared the glorious city of Letsber. Ateren was excited that day to see another new city.

Ateren took a deep breath and smelt something off though. The usual coal coming out of the smoke stack was more acrid. He looked behind to see the gray smoke to be... pitch black. He gasped and took a step just for the boat to shake and one of the four thrusters on the left side to malfunction. "G'uuaah!" One by one, the thrusters started to give out and Ateren was heading straight toward the city on a crash coarse. But he wouldn't stand for it. He rushed into the engine room at full speed. A small metallic arm comes out of his top hat and dabs a wet cloth on his forehead as he immediately started working on it. His foot crunched on something. A screw... one single screw went loose. It cause two of the plates to bust out and the engine fire no longer became contained. One could say he was screwed.

Ateren removed his hammer and slammed on the two plates. He banged them back into position and backed the fire off with his top hat. A second metallic claw had came out and sprayed a type of foam liquid to fend off the beast. "Bad case of heart burn I'd say..." He said, chuckling to himself as he bent down and grabbed the screw. "Augh!" It was still hot to the touch. He rolled his eyes and bit his lip. He didn't have the time to complain about the heat. So he winced and man handled the screw, and repaired the engine boiler. He backed up and screamed as his left hand that held the screw had suffered burns. He held out his left hand and gripped his wrist with his right hand. He stumbled outside to see that he was still in a heck of trouble. The thrusters are back online sure... but the momentum of the ship was the biggest issue. He quickly hobbled over to the wheel and with all of his might he heaved the wheel leftward and caused it to spun rapidly.

His tugboat ship veered left bound and scraped against one of the chains that held one of the islands together. He was too low and too fast for landing. He was going to have to park on the ground... Which he did and kind of did so quite roughly. He stopped and took a couple of breaths as he leaned against the wheel. "Excellent timing." He said passive aggressively. He looked at his left hand. Second degree burns at most, but nothing too big. It did start to blister. "Screw it, I'll just stay at the nearby Inn." He said, hopping down. Several officials had rushed up to check things out and he explained the situation on his way to one of the Inns.
Mezora stepped off the old rickety carriage and took a deep sigh of relief. She was glad to be off of that death carriage. The whole ride to this new town put her in a continuous state of anxiety. She walked up to the carriage driver and paid the man. He was an older gentleman not older than 65 she guessed. He was dressed rather oddly for a carriage driver with his top hat and monocle. He gave her a wink and a gaze that sent shivers down her spine. Old men creeped her out, she just wanted to pay the man and leave. As much as the guy creeped her out it was the only one still operating this late and she was grateful. She walked away from the carriage into the town of Letsber, she's never been outside the city of Ascent so this was a nice change of pace. She was surprised by the amount of pedestrian traffic this late at night especially for the time of day. 

Mezora thought back on her mother's words as she walked through town, she was here for her final test. She was to sleep with 5 different men and collect their seed to bring back to her clan. Succubi can't have children of their own and rely on incubi, armed with the seed of men, to impregnate unexpecting females. You might think that would create a normal child but once the seed is mixed with the incubus dna it is changed and the offspring will either be an incubus or a succubus.  Mezora always thought there was a better way to make more succubi but her mother always told her this was how they've always done things. Mezora sighed again as she made her way through the crowded streets. She finally broke through to a clearing and saw an inn up ahead. She figured that would probably be a good place as any to start.

She walked into the inn and noticed that the inn too, was a buzz even this late at night. She wondered if anyone slept in this city. If they didn't, that would cause quite a problem for her. She made her way to the innkeeper keeper and decided to pass the time with a drink. She sat at one of the bar stools and unbuttoned her jacket to let her wings unfold from being tied down for the long hours of that rickety carriage drive. She let out a soft moan as the pleasure of muscle stretching out began. "What can I get you, young lady?" the innkeep asked. Mezora, relaxed from her stretching, looked at the inkeep and asked for the strongest hub butter rum he's got. He didnt seem to question why she was asking for such a strong drink, rather he looked pleased with al the business he's getting lately. After a shortwhile he came back with her drink and sat it down on the counter and waited for her to pay. Being the clueless girl she is, she took a large drink and put it back down on the counter with a smile while the innkeeper cleared his throat. She coked her head to the side only to soon realize she needed to pay for her drink. She let out a slight nervous laughter as she realized she may not be able to pay. The carriage driver took most of her money. She thought back on her succubus training and tried to remember what to do in these situations.
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The candle flame flickers back and forth as the slight wind coming through the window breezes into the room. Tatiana gets up from her bed and takes a glance out the window before shutting it closed. She's renting a room out for the day at the inn of Letsber, while she travels around as a newly fledged hunter for hire. It's going to be time, time to make a name out for herself as a zepar bat hunter.
Her equipment lays on the table beside the other end of the room, her leather chest piece which cover the torso and leg guards that protect the knee and shin with embed metal studs for protection, all of which can be worn on top of almost all clothing for ease. Alongside it are two pieces of weaponry which would be a longsword with a balanced straight blade, solid and versatile with a long blade and hilt making it ideal for use with one hand or two, next to the sword is a polearm with a straight headed blade in the shape similar of a bamboo leaf. She could leave it there for a moment and lock the room, the innkeeper did seem to dislike weapons being out on the pub. She could use a drink and a warm meal before looking for work in this area, surely a fear inducing beast would be giving the inhabitants trouble in this area, around the outskirts of the nearby bigger city.
She yawns and stretches her body after taking a nice nap, and heads down the stairs where all the patrons gather, locking her room she rented with the key that was lent to her before she went.
As Kōkishin walked along the road towards the nearest town, he glanced at the sun set and moon rising. He took a moment and smiled, knowing he would have never been able to see something as beautiful as this on his own if he stayed at home. He glances down at his map and figures that the town Letsber wasn't too far from where he was now. "Hopefully the inn is not too crowded just yet." he says to himself out loud. He places the map back into his inner jacket pocket and covers himself more. Although it was a bit chilly, he loved the feeling of the wind blowing against him. He takes a moment to breathe in the air and feel at ease with his surroundings. He checks his mechanical watch. "Shoot, it's getting a bit too late, can't stay out here for too long." he says before speeding up to a jog towards Letsber. 

 After arriving to the town square, Kōkishin glanced around and noticed that a few different species were giving him a mix look of disgust and interest. He did his best to ignore it all and find a inn for the night to sleep in. As he began walking again, he noticed a figure hustling through the crowd with some sort of package. He did his best to get out of the beings way and felt his nose twitch as they passed. 'Strange...' he thought before shrugging it off and continuing his search. After a bit of trying to find a town map, he finally spots the inn. He exhales in relief and does his best to get there hastily.

After entering into the inn, he was relieved to find that it was profoundly quieter than it was outside. He glanced around the inn the best he could before spotting a few rare species, including some he didn't recognized. He sat next to a Succubus and noticed her wearing a beautiful dress. He shrugged it off mentally and glanced at the bartender to speak with him until he realized that he was dealing with a situation involving paying for a drink. He sighs and takes out a small coin and fiddles it through his fingers before planting it down on the back of his hand. 'Okay, it's settled. If she needs help, I'll pay for her drink.' He says to himself mentally before glancing back up.
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Nazaire is relaxed.
There's a few people coming in and out of the place, some of them giving her looks, but she's feeling surprisingly alright despite her boredom. The reason she liked doing business in Letsber was the diversity of people that she got to see and deal with, it reminded her of home somewhat and lets her know that people won't be gawking at her for her strange appearance- at least not for longer than a few seconds.

Nazaire does not neccessarily want to get up and talk to anybody right now, not when she's so mellow at the moment (People have a way of ruining her mood), but it occurs to her that with so many wierd, shady and active looking people around this might be her best chance to find something useful to do. She looks around the place for someone who looks like they could use some help. A succubus at the bar? Eeehhh...
The bat that just walked down the stairs? She hates kids. The human who sat next to the succubus must be some kind of pervert, she thinks to herself. A couple people were hiding their faces, but that wasn't really all that uncommon. Nazaire knew better than to go looking for trouble with people who didn't want to be noticed.

Finally, a new arrival, a distressed looking human who, in her opinion, looked completely ridiculous, was approaching the inn, she saw from the window. He looked like he had money, she thought to herself, and better yet, looked like he had a problem that needed fixing.
So, she sits back in her chair and relaxes a few moments more.
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What a Mystery
Skye downed a sip of her warm cider before several new arrivals entered the inn's common area. Skye turned her head slightly to track the several new arrivals and was surprised to see a varied assortment of species now taking their places around the inn. Among these new arrivals was a curious succubus, a unusual human, a strange bat looking girl, and through the window yet another human, this time looking quite out of place. Skye turned back to her meager meal, finishing her small cut of beef with gusto before resigning herself to slowly sipping her cider.
Nearby she could hear the bartender asking the succubus for payment and Skye had reason to suspect the human who had taken a seat next to the succubus intended to help. Whether by free will, Skye did not know, for Skye did have knowledge of the Succubus race and their reputations for manipulating males of every species. Though Skye thought to herself it wasn't her problem anyways and returned to her drink.
The air in the inn was much warmer then outside and being from a much colder place Skye started to feel a bit warm with her hood and scarf up, and decided it wouldn't matter to much to pull down her hood. Knowing what she did about Letsber, not many people put stock into questioning unknown species, the town just seemed like a magnet for exotic species. So Skye pulled down her scarf to her neck and pulled down her hood letting her long hair unravel again over the back of her jacket. Skye quietly clicked her tongue thinking to herself that she really needed a hair cut but then sighed slightly remembering that she could not afford one anytime soon.
Skye took this thought of hers and swished it about her brain. Perhaps with all these people she could find a better paying job then minor courier. Skye sighed however knowing someone like her had little to no chance of being picked for a adventuring group like she had always dreamed of back home. She had no experience with weapons of any kind nor the money to afford a weapon, her illusion magic was second-rate at best, she had literally no concept of the broader world, and for that matter she had no idea how exactly to approach people for such things, as no doubt an adventuring party would require social coordination, the details of which were lost to Skye entirely. 
Though Skye supposed she might find a career in the underground fight clubs if all did not go well, she wagered to herself she could probably hold her own in one of those, though Skye still didn't like the thought of fighting people for money. Despite running away from her home, she was still a firm believer in some of the values of the Vandrare, most of all the oath to never do harm unless in self-defense. Skye sighed to herself drooping her shoulders at this thought, as from what she had been told adventurers had to deal with all sorts of situations requiring force with provocation and such. Skye thought to herself now, thinking that maybe she wasn't cut out for the adventuring job after all. Though Skye still preferred the free air of Letsber over the stuffy confined cobblestone walls of her home so Skye for now willed herself back into a neutral posture and resumed sipping away at her cider, wondering if by a remote chance any of these people needed assistance in a low key adventuring job.
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Ateren placed a glove on his left hand to hide the burns and such. But he looks toward the inn with this smirk and smile that screams out 'I'm going to make the people in this Inn love me with force.' He relishes in the moment of meeting new people and creating friendly faces. It's good for PR anyways. It'll be obvious on close inspection that this guy having only one glove on would be kooky in relation to the rest of his outfit.

He opens the door and sunshine comes in. The top of the clockwork top hat opens up and elevates a pair of green tinted shades. He places them and stands almost heroically for a few moments before closing the door behind him and entering. As soon as he sees the nearby folks in the immediate area his smile grew a bit wider. This place was filled pretty well. He adjusted his sunshades and then spotted the succubus. To which his expression froze and held a cheesy smile with a light twitch. He could never keep 100% composure around flirty women.

His opinions on the others are as follows. He enjoyed other cultures, and liked the diversity. He noticed that a good couple of them didn't seem the most well off. In fact, they seemed to be staring. Maybe not directly, but he could feel their gaze. His entrance is beginning to feel more and more like the moment someone yells 'surprise!' and it immediately deflates as they did it to the pizza guy rather than the birthday boy. How annoying. Oh well, he spotted a human at the bar and decided to put him in between himself and the succubus when talking to the Innkeeper. Of course, he noticed it was Kōkishin. But he waited for him to finish confronting the Innkeeper and the succubus.
Mezora heard the clinking of gold pieces next to her and turn to her right to see a human male with a pouch of gold in his hand. If only she had that amount of money. Her mother didn't give her much and she blew it all on that cab ride. She smiled as she realized a human male was sitting next to her while another came and sat on the other side. This was her lucky day to have two males by her side. She was going to charm them both to help her pay for the drink but she felt bad for thinking that. She could try to charm the bartender, he seems like he could get laid. She decided to go with that, she cleared her throat and leaned closer so her breasts laid on top of the table pushing the half empty glass closer to the bartender. "So how about you let a girl slide this time, look at me, I'm cute. You don't expect a cute girl like me to pay for my own drink do you?"

The bartender crossed his arms and looked directly at Mezora. "I'm gay and if you think that succubus hocus pocus bullshit will work on me you are wrong. Pay up or I'll have you pay another way. Mezora went limp on the table after hearing she failed to charm him and started pouting.
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