[Fantasy/Gore] Rift Between Realms
I continued staring as it then rose higher. I practically ignored everyone as I watched it move around. My gaze followed it as it then moved above us, then passed.
"It's too big to be a bug," I finally said, my tone passive. I then noticed it come down to the same level as us, and let my eyes follow as it went straight to the door. After a moment, the banging pursued. I let out a sigh as they called for "the demon". I walked passed the others, completely casually, and opened the door, glaring at the little girl on the other side. "What do you want, child?" I asked coldly. "It ain't Halloween yet, and this isn't the type of place to be without a purpose."
My eyebrows raise in surprise to see a kid, most likely a teenager, at the entrance of the room. How did she get here pass security? I let out a sigh and look give myself a moment to think. "I'll let you handle this Kowareta, just don't try to kill her." I walk towards my weapons and expect them to make sure they were still in good condition. Sure enough, they were alright save for a few scratches. I glance over at the entrance again and listened in.
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.
Theisa chuckles at the sly demon. "Halloween is for babies who want nothing more then to get free candy from strangers." she said inviting her self in. "I on the other hand, take what I want even if it isn't Halloween." She looked around and took note of all who was in the room, what they were wearing, and especially their body language. She has gotten really good at reading other peoples body languages over the years, after she learned people say what they dont mean but the body never lies. "As for my purpose, well, that's you Bump in the Night. You demons are a hard one to track." She walks over to the counter were a basket of apples sat. She grabbed one, threw it up in the air, and caught it after it came tumbling back down. She took a bite and continued "You see I've been following you for some time now, waiting to make my move. Could never find it until you all came together in this...." She turns to the military man. "Your home? Ugh, this place is a dump but, we can get to that later." Theisa studied Kowareta intensely, no doubt the demon could tell she was no ordinary human. She leaned up against a wall and folded her arms. "So tell me, whats a demon like you doing out in broad daylight? That seems pretty stupid."
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