[Fantasy/Gore] Noir Dark
Xavier notices the fox detective's unnerved reaction from the scene, he couldnt blame her, it was pretty bad
He produces another scotty dog and chews on it
"Yea Im almost certain our canine here was murdered by the man, but thanks to yours truly he now has a shotgun wound in his chest"
Xavier gives his own achievement a chuckle just as a freezing cold breeze blows through the room, sending chills down their spines. The coyote's fur noticeably stands on end from the unnatural breeze

"Murder weapon is pretty obvious, the blade there, the female however did not appear to be armed but I havent had much time to investigate the room, Ill leave that to you ms Aurora."
He takes in a deep breath, somehow the storm grows a bit more violent outside
"Once you fully investigate the scene, with notes, I need you to go to the mansion that the cult operates from. We need to know *why* they did this and who the broad is"

Shortly after the human officer opens the door behind them without much warning
"Um Detective Xavier... the police chief wants to see you. He is outside right now and he looks pretty angry"
Xavier sighs, he and the police chief do not see eye to eye and he sure as hell does not get along with Aurora

"Alright ms Aurora, Ill leave the scene to you. Take notes on this..."
Xavier reaches into his coat and produces a notepad and pencil
"... write down everything into a report for me, when youre done go to the mansion at this address..."
He scribbles down the address for her next location
"...I trust you can handle this"
He gets a passing glace of Ms aurora's figure and fuzzy tail before he leaves the room
Xavier follows the officer down the hall and audibly mumbles to himself
"... how much is that fooooxy in the window... arf arf"
He wears a sly smirk on his face

Ms Aurora is now completely alone in the entire Inn
The entire room consists of a basic bed, two end tables at both sides of the bed with oil lamps, a bathroom and a closet. There is a table with two chairs across from the bed with a single electric light illuminating the table in a dull yellow light.
The two bodies are laying on the floor in the dead center of the room
Blood splattering is mostly concentrated at the scene but a slight crusting of blood is on the floor and doorhandle of the closet. There might be more to investigate in the room if ms Aurora can stomach the scene
I slowly looked back to the scene as Xavier explains the situation to me. He seemed to take pride in pumping a bit of lead into the chest of the bald man, which helped ease my mind a little, to say the least. It explained the hole in his chest. That security was taken right away from that unnatural breeze from the scene, making me pale a little. The storm growing more intense as Xavier explained to me my assumption was no aid to my condition whatsoever. I warily nodded as he also confirmed my assumption of where to go after recording what's needed from the scene-- the source of what most of this fear was.

I jumped a little when a human officer not-so-quietly came up behind us. After some banter between Xavier and the human, my partner gave me a notepad and pencil-- removing my need from pulling mine out of my car, as I forgot it in there when I saw the Coyote for the first time today. As he walked away, I noticed him take a glance at me as he passed, before making a little... remark, that resulted in a small blush forming on my cheeks. I feel like he only did that to comfort me a little when unnerved, but... it always got me.

After a moment, I decided to look back at the scene, having a little more composure than before. I took a deep breath, before walking in further. Looking around, I noticed everything was almost painfully in order-- no knocked over lamps, no tussled sheets... nothing at all, outside of that neat little corner covered in blood. It was definitely something ritualistic, but it looked almost as though the woman didn't fight back at all. Upon further inspection, however, I noticed some now dried blood speckled over to the closet, namely on the handle.

I rose an eyebrow as the closet was a pretty good distance from the bodies, yet there was next to no evidence of a trail between the two. How could this blood have gotten here...? I took a long breath through my nose, steeling myself up as best I could in this iron polluted atmosphere before taking hold of the closet and slowly turning the knob. I ran my tongue along one of my canines before stepping back and pulling the door open fairly quickly to reveal whatever was inside.
The inside of the closet was dark, and smelled heavily of blood
Inside was a heavily blood stained pistol and a stained piece of paper, looked like one of those weird german pistols that takes strip clips for its bullets. While the gun was an excellent example of german engineering the condition it was in was terrible. The gun itself looked as if it had never been cleaned and it was coated in a splotchy red crusting of blood. As far as you could tell from a glace the gun *might be loaded* and might be worthwhile to check to see if it is and how many rounds are left in it. The gun at maximum holds around 10 per magazine. Checking it shows that it only has 9 rounds left.
Inspection of the paper didnt reveal much due to some sort of liquid(?) Smelled of blood and... sea water???

Inspection of the room shows the only firearm discharged in the room is a very slight scattering of a shotgun blast that correlates with Xavier's shot into the cultist's chest

Due to the blood and water staining most of the writing on the note was nothing more than a blurry mess, the only thing that could at least be somewhat readable was the word *Innsmouth*

Over the storm a very faint yelling can be heard coming from outside, its Xavier's voice along with someone else.
I let out my held breath as I looked into the closet to only find a horribly bloody gun of some kind and some paper. My next inhale I'd probably regret for the rest of my life-- I hadn't smelt iron this strong ever before then. I gagged on the stench, before forcing myself to look closer at the objects. The blood was all dried, which means... it might--
Xavier's scream through me out of focus. I picked up the weapon and the paper before running out to the front. Taking hold of the paper, I noticed it was still wet, but it didn't have the same consistency of blood. Rather, it felt a lot like water, but held salt attributes... sea water, maybe? Regardless, I had to get to the source of-- oh god, what is that other sound? I quickened my pace, taking out my Colt out in my other hand as I trusted it far more than this-- I think German gun that's covered in unknown blood and grime.
Xavier is standing with Police Chief Albert Hadrin, he is a tall man with broad shoulders and sports a handbar mustache. He and ms Aurora arent on very good terms
They both look hoarse from rage
Hardin looks annoyed with Xavier especially
"Detective Xavier..."
Hadrin's voice exposed his age

"I am ordering this case closed RIGHT NOW, its apparent that it was a double suicide and warrants no further investigation. I want you to be reassigned to desk duty from now on, DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR"

Xavier does his best to keep his calm in the rage of this argument and storm, he gives the police chief a dirty look
"Yes sir...."
Hadrin smirks, his rank gives him the authority to make such calls, no matter how stupid or illegal they are.
The police chief returns to his covered gasoline powered car, the chicago police department got these just a few months ago and Hardin used one of them as his personal car.
As the chief drives off the sound of a train whistle can be heard in the distance, its the 3am express

Xavier turns to the nervous fox
"I apologize Ms Aurora, I can still pay you for your work. If you want to continue then youll be mostly on your own."
Xavier lights up a cigarette and blows out a puff of smoke into the storm
"Ill let you borrow my camera so you can take photographs of the scene, take notes and pictures and put them in this.."
Xavier hands the fox a briefcase, it has multiple compartments for papers and items
"that should be able to hold everything you need"
"The camera is in my car, its unlocked, Ill stay here until you leave for the mansion ms aurora."

the camera in question http://puu.sh/rXtyI/1e5f994d1b.jpg

The two officers out front leave in their own car as ordered prior by the chief of police leaving only the two canines alone in the storm
As I made my way out into the storm, I noticed that fucking man-- the only one I hate more than the Pinkertons: Cheif Hadrin. That old fuck has been making Xavier's and my lives a living Hell for years. His ugly, crooked smile showed that he got his way again, like a spoiled rich child, before turning his back to me. I clutched both weapons tight, more than half tempted to unload into him. He far more than deserved it. I growled as he drove away in his prissy little police car-- which he used for all but what it was meant for. I spat as he left. I would get my way with him, one day.
"I'm going to solve this case," I said through my locked jaw. "And if I find any relation of Hadrin to the crime, it'll end far more than a 'double suicide'." I looked to Xavier then, my eyes narrowed to near slits. "And you can bet I'd take pictures of that."

I then took the briefcase he offered me after putting my Colt away, and made my way to the Coyote's car. Opening the door, I didn't have to look hard to find the box camera. I set the briefcase down and opened it, before placing the German gun and the paper in it and closing it again. I then picked up the camera and pulled the briefcase out of the car before using my hip to close the door. Walking back, I took a passing glance at Xavier to see how he was doing. If anyone hated Hadrin more than me, it would easily be Xavier.

I made my way back into the room, which I had left open from when I ran out to see the commotion outside. I took a couple pictures of the bodies at different angles, being sure to get at least two emphasising the markings on the man, before taking a picture of the closet handle and the inside. After waving each photograph a bit to cool it down, I put them in the briefcase as well before walking out, closing the door behind me.. I was so irritated by Hadrin that I didn't notice how soaked I got, and used this opportunity to shake myself off. I then made my way back to the front of the inn, opening my umbrella this time as I walked out.
"Xavier," I said in a softer tone. "There was more to that scene than what was immediately seen." I took a deep breath. "Not all the blood is the same age-- some of it is well dried. I'm willing to assume not all of it was hers." I looked to him with only my eyes for a moment. He was much taller than me-- as most were. "I'm going to the mansion now. Try to warm up when you get home, or you'll catch a cold."
Xavier gives off a very rare warm smile to her with his cig sticking out of his muzzle, he could smell the blood even from out here
"Thats what I like to hear ms Aurora, when you find out whats going on call me at my officer number and we should be able to figure out our next move. Keep all your investigation effects inside of your briefcase, itll make this all the more easy... Here..."
He gives ms aurora a peice of paper with what looks like a crude drawing of a building layout
"This is from an intelligence report we have on the mansion. It should help but we dont know whats on the inside"
He puts his hand on her shoulder and pats it affectionately
His smile fades away as lightening strikes a nearby building, he removes his arm from her shoulder
Xavier grimaces as another train whistle can be heard in the far distance, even in this storm chicago keeps on chugging

He gives the engine a few cranks with his turn lever on the front of the engine. After around 5 turns the engine springs to life, he climbs aboard. His headlights barely cut through the hard storm, he drives away, disappearing into the dark stormy night.

Ms Aurora was alone again
It was always nice seeing Xavier smile. This job wore down on him too much. It let me ease up a little, and smile back. I took the sketch and folded it up with one hand before putting it in my coat, as I didn't have the space nor hand room to open the briefcase at the given moment. He then put his paw on my shoulder, in a way he... hadn't, before. Was he..? After a short moment, a flash of lightning cracked across the sky, taking the Coyote's smile away from me, which in turn melted mine away as his paw left my shoulder and he went back to his locked up way. I ran my tongue along one of my canines as he then left to his car and drove away. I just stood there for a moment, staring at the direction he went...

After a short moment, I came back to as I shivered. I needed to get out of this rain before I caught the cold. I made my way to my vehicle and unlocked it, tossing the briefcase into the passenger seat and closing my umbrella as I got in. I set the umbrella in the back seat and closed the door before cranking the hunk of metal to life. It was going to be a long night. I had a feeling it wouldn't be a short case, either, given how I'm now alone on the case. I drove off toward the mansion, thinking about both the case and wondering why Xavier showed me that affection... I mean, I was used to the light flirting-- it often helped me keep my cool whenever I was unnerved, but after? It wasn't... normal.
The mansion was a menacing building. It appeared to have been built in at least the last 30 years but abandoned since. The mansion sat upon a hill, encased by a thick concrete and metal fence with a small walkway leading to its entrance. Dead trees and rocks littered the way to the mansion. It was located deep in a forest on the very outskirts of Chicago. The grass around the building was either dead or muddy, this place really couldve used some TLC
The storm was not as intense here as it was in the city. So maybe an umbrella wasnt needed? This entire place gave off a haunted vibe, ms aurora could hear the faint voices of insanity gnawing at her mind

On the second floor sat a balcony that overlooked the front of the estate, standing guard was a cultist. He appeared canine at a good distance away but thats *all* that could be told about his species from this distance. He wore a dark brown almost burlap looking outfit. It was one piece with had a pointed hood that masked all but his muzzle, which looked a bit scarred and patchy. In his mutiliated paws is what appears to be either a double barrel shotgun or a springfield trapdoor rifle. Either way he was armed and dangerous.

a few of the windows of the large building were either smashed or boarded up. oil lamps could be seen from the outside, there were for sure more cultists inside.

The rain would mask Ms Aurora's scent and footsteps but inside she would have to be quiet
gotta use stealth rolls to determine how well she can infiltrate the mansion
As I grew closer to my destination, I noticed the storm getting progressively less harsh-- likely driving away from the heart, as this mansion was pretty far from the city. As I drove closer, I noticed it was very much active-- both outside and in. I would need to take advantage of all that's going on around me to get any closer. I drove up as close as I could without being spotted, and parked discretely. I then sat in the car for a moment, trying to think of what I would do in there. I can't just barge in and demand answers-- cultists don't work anything close to that. Perhaps they would have some kind of filing? Maybe like, a target chart or something?

I took out the drawing of the layout and looked over it carefully, trying to place myself on the map. It wasn't too difficult to find where I was, but... holy hell, it was hard to read Xavier's scribbling. My guess would have to be that any information would have to be in either one of the studies, the "bot room" or whatever's written, or one of the unlabelled rooms... which makes my job so much easier. I let out a long sigh, before opening the door and stepping out. I looked around, and noticed a lack of lightning now, which ruled out taking pictures. I would have to take whatever evidence I could with me, but lugging around the briefcase could be noisy... I'll just have to make use of my coat's pockets.

I shut and locked the door behind me, before making my way around to the side of the mansion, where the crude sketch mentioned a possible side entrance. To my luck, there was in fact a door there. I made my way up to it, and discretely looked through the window to see if anyone was on the other side.

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