[Fantasy/Gore] Noir Dark
This is a closed roleplay between me and Lunae
A dark Noir Clthulhu with some furries because why not!

[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]Chicago 1903 for what has felt like weeks, rain has poured down upon this built up concrete maze, the city's industry churns out black smoke into the clouded and wet night sky. It stands brightly against the darkened countryside, buildings lit up with electricity and gas reflect off of the damp roads. 

Inside the office of one private detective Aurora, rain taps against her window and a train can be faintly heard. It is on the middle floor of a large half apartment half office building that was renovated out from some old tenements.
Her office is a bit messy with papers scattered from previous cases but lately business has been incredibly slow. Competition has been tough since the Pinkertons struck up a deal with the local police.

The fox is sitting at her desk, facin
g the doorway with her head laying on the desktop. Being in an office alone with nothing to do tends to be a very boring job. On her desk is her telephone, her serviceable hat, a few tax papers she has yet to fill out and her trusty Colt Revolver.
A detective is never without her trusty firearm
She sighs from yet another day of no new cases

Just as she was about to get up and go home for the day, the telephone rings


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I sigh as I stare forward, blankly. The rain drumming at the window behind me long since tuned out. It's been going on for... what, weeks now? I never bothered to think of it prior-- business has been incredibly slow, thanks to those fucking Pinkertons. Striking up a deal with the police is probably the absolute lowest you could grovel to get business. Just went to show how damn good I was at my job. As was said over the years: Big things come in small packages.

When I first came into the detective business, I was often underestimated for my size-- only being one hundred centimetres tall and holding a mere thirty kilos to my weight really made me seem like a poor contender for investigations or worse. What they didn't expect, though, was my accuracy with my Colt Revolver or my keen senses. Being a fox, you'd think they would at least know of my canine roots! Regardless, I became pretty popular among the industry with how well I cracked cases-- popular enough for my competition to do borderline crook acts purely to get cases. The Pinkertons were the worst, though. Not only were they bad at investigations- often criminalising the wrong people, but even going as far as to pull a stunt the damn Mafia would and go to crooked cops to redirect the work flow. Regardless, all I could do now was hope to get business the fair, legal way. Such wasn't proving to be effective, though.

Feeling today was another lost day, I sat up and huffed. I should probably head home now, considering how soaked the road is. It's a long drive back home, after all. I just wish those Pinkertons would--
The phone rings, bouncing the handle around on its base. The sound startled me-- it was the only sound other than the droning downfall outside. I regained my composer as quick as I could, and picked up the phone shortly before the second ring cycle ended.

"Hello? Detective Aurora speaking."
"Ms Aurora..."

The man on the other end had a very deep and raspy voice but fimilar, you could almost hear his old age through the phonelines despite the poor quality of sound signal, the voice belonged to none other than Detective Xavier of the Chicago PD.

"...The Chicago Police department is in need of your services... we are willing to drop that debt you owe to the bank and the usual reward in exchange for your services..."
Xavier takes a deep breath
"..Its a bad one... a murder the most ugly I have ever seen in our department, our hired out detectives refuse to touch it and everyone at the police department is tangled up with several corruption cases..."

With the recent 'removals' of what few native americans were left in the state, the Gonvenor was suspected of foul play, the department had spent weeks attempting to find a motive or a possible link but it all went right back to Chicago.
A large crash of lightening strikes nearby, the storm is growing worse

"...You are a hired agent, if you accept the police will cooperate with your investigation but I do not know if I can say the same for the Pinkertons.... do you accept the case?..."

the tapping of the rain grows slightly with the storm
I rose an eyebrow as I heard the familiar voice on the phone; a voice I hadn't heard in a good while. I listened to the detective carefully, making mental notes of the points he gave. At the mention of the Pinkertons, I couldn't help but grit my teeth-- an especially unfavourable act for one with only canines, such as myself. The strike of lightning illuminated the room, only fueling my hatred for those crooks, and firing up my ambition for the case to put them back where they belong: at the bottom of the barrel.

"Detective Xavier," I began, my tone empty. My fringe fell over my left eye, though it couldn't mask the fire in my eyes. "You bet I accept the case." As I spoke, I stood up and picked up my Colt, putting it in its holster. "When do I begin?"
The sound of a cigarette being lit comes from Xavier's end
He is a smoker, its not good for him, but how it calms his nerves is the only way to keep himself cool and collected

"Ms Aurora, head towards center street in the industrial district, take a left at the first train station and meet us at the Highlands Inn...."

the storm winds begin to roar against the building, it can even be heard over the phone

"...I trust youll be mentally prepared for this.... scene..."
the background sounds from the phone hint that one of the officers at the crimescene need to talk to him
Xavier hangs up the phone, the adventure beings
I made a disappointed tsk as I heard the striking of a match, followed by the burn of a cig from Xavier's end. I always hated that he was a smoker, but there was genuinely nothing I could do about the matter. I've seen him without them while stressed before... it was not a memory I was fond of. I picked up a pencil with my left paw and wrote down the directions he gave me then, setting it down where it was afterwards. The obnoxious gale from the ongoing storm was becoming irritating, especially when hearing it from the other end of the phone as well. As Xavier gave his last comment, I decided to speak up-- only to be cut off by a click followed by the dial tone. I let out an irked sigh before hanging up the phone. I knew that damn Coyote knew I hated being hung up on like that, but he never broke the habit with me. I guess he didn't care to, considering I was nothing more than a detective without boundaries on cases I'd pick up.

I sat there for a moment, before pushing my chair back and standing up. I had to get to this scene before it washed away. I picked up the instructions and put it in my vest pocket before heading to the door, stopping at the coat hanger. I took my leather trench coat off and slid it on, before donning my duster-- sliding my thumb along the brim to keep it even. Well, I guess it wasn't really to keep it even, but rather a habit I got into doing a good while back that I've yet to break. I then looked down at my boots and sighed. I wasn't really one to wear shoes, as I was a free paw believer, but with the storm outside along with the crime scene, it was more than mandatory to wear. I slid them on and tight the laces tight and neat. After that, I picked up my keys and headed out, locking the door behind me.

Exiting the building, I opened my umbrella I picked up on my way out and held it above my head to protect myself from as much rain as I could. I quickly made my way to my car from there, closing the umbrella and tossing it in the back seat once I was in. I then took the hunk of metal down to the location I was directed. I didn't drive in much of a hurry, as... well, it wasn't like the scene was doing anywhere. Once I got there, I got my umbrella and headed out, locking the door behind me as I walked up to the entrance. There were a good number of police, so I just held my badge at ready for any who would try to confront me.
The Inn was a two story, almost spooky looking place. The wood looked old and the boards creaked in the wind of the storm
Two policemen stand guard at the entrance, one holding a M1898 Shotgun and the other a revolver, one is a wolf and the other human

Xavier was leaning against a wet wall of the Inn near the entrance, his coat and fur matched the darkness of the storm damn near perfectly, only the faint light of his lit cigarette exposed his muzzle
He wears a dark coat and fedora hat, and trousers, matching his jet black fur.
He begins walking towards the fox detective, stepping through the heavy rain with his cigarette still gently glowing
Xavier gives a small nod of approval to the plain and serviceable duster hat worn by detective Aurora which strikes him as an absolutely smashing display of good fashion sense.

He steps to where Ms Aurora is with the few deputies on guard at the front of the Inn, a electric lamp illuminates the four in the harsh storm.
the artificial light reveals Xavier's face, he sports an eyepatch over his left eye. He has never revealed exactly how he lost his eye but he always mumbled something about Cuba. He was a veteran so maybe the spanish american war? He does have a Confederate Calvary Le Matt as a sidearm

he flicks the cigarette and grinds it under his shoe into the wet pavement
"Ms Aurora.."
He speaks in his usual raspy voice
He turns to the two deputies
"Let her through she is part of this investigation"
He brandishes his Chicago Detective Badge to the officers
the two step aside and allow them to pass, the canine deputy gives Aurora a silent glare, Xaiver glares back at him, he then proceeds opens the door for the female fox detective
As I approached the rickety inn, The smoking Coyote approached me, giving me a nod and addressing me. I gave a subtle nod in return, staring at him with a sharp yet non-aggressive gaze.
"Xavier," I replied simply. When he took out his badge to show to the police, I decided it would be best to put mine away as his meant more than mine. I couldn't help but notice the canine officer glare at me as access was granted, and my now partner glaring back. I felt his wasn't enough, so I gave the officer a much sharper, colder glare in return. I've dealt with enough of the police force's bullshit in my years as a detective. A low growl followed my glare before walking into the inn, not breaking contact until the entrance wall did so for me. I turned my head in a huff then while closing my umbrella, before spinning around entirely to face Xavier once I was inside. "I know I've told you before to kick that habit." My tone didn't hold much emotion to it, making my words seem almost hollow. It's not like I was trying to, though; I was at a crime scene, and it was common for me to distance myself a good bit emotionally before investigating scenes. "Sure, it's been a while since my last case, but that doesn't give you a free pass to keep smoking."
Area theme, play this to help set the mood https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adh2jHFDjek
Xavier gives the fox a short chuckle to her commentary on his smoking
As they walk he turns his head left to address her with a slight smirk
"Yeah well Ms Aurora, youre gonna see why I need to unwind"

The Inn felt haunted, judging from the interior the place mustve been built around the civil war. Honestly who would *want* to stay here was beyond belief. The storm rattled a some of the wood siding and windows, the rain could be clearly heard peppering the building like a machinegun, although ms aurora probably doesnt know what a machinegun is considering they arent widely used.

After some walking the two canines reach the door that led to the crimescene, the coyote shakes off the rainwater from his fur and coat like a dog, splattering water everywhere, oddly enough there are no police officers standing guard at the door. Xavier takes a mental note to bark at someone over it, this was highly unprofessional behavior to not have someone posted at the crimescene in case of tampering
Xavier reaches into his coat pocket and produces a licorice scotty dog, he puts it in his maw and eats it, he always keeps a box of them in his coat for when he needs to think

"This is it, you might wanna steel yourself for it ms aurora"
He opens the door to reveal the scene

the room is a single Inn room, one bed, a oil lamp, a window covered with a old curtian. Although the room wasnt very unique the scene that had transpired here was.
On the floor were two bodies, one human male and the other female, canine.
The canine body is badly mangled and damaged. Her body appears to have been cut up and ripped apart by both blunt force and some sort of sharpened tool. Identification of her body is damn near impossible, you cant even determine the species with any accuracy thanks to the thorough work of her assailant. Oddly though, her clothes are ripped but overall still intact, so that rules out a possible rape. Blood stains most of her fur and tattered clothing. Even the most greenhorn of detectives can easily summarize that this poor girl died an awful death. Her fur is a patchy gray with darker grey stripes

The human male, bald, he is wearing minimal clothes, it only appears to be a basic cloth hood, some cloth pants and a pair of very cheap shoes. His pale skin is covered in what could only be described as ritualistic scars, they appear to be both old and recent judging from the healing on some. He is laying on his back with a bowling ball sized shotgun wound in his chest. In his left hand he is holding s steak knife covered in crusted blood and giblets. He has a twisted smile stretched upon his face with frosted eyes staring up into the ceiling.

the entire scene was a very gruesome murder. Something about this crime didnt feel right.
Alright time for our first sanity roll, get a 5 sided die and roll, since this is your first sanity roll add +1 so ms aurora wont go fully bonkers on her first case. Heres what each of the rolls will do
1 Your character will badly panic and try to escape or go temporarily mad -4 to combat
2 High stress and nervousness, your character will be at the very edge of the breaking point, -3 to combat
3 your character is deeply unnerved and will have noticeable shaking in their hands -1 to combat
4 your character pretty shaken but is able to keep her composure she should have fear running through her
5 your chararacter is completely unaffected by the scene and will have no status aliments

Xavier is completely unphased by the gruesome scene, he's seen worse at Wounded Knee
"Welp... there it is... detective... her time was *cut* short..."
Xavier lets out a short chuckle to his own joke, his tone then returns to his usual serious rasp
"We dont have identification on the victim but the man we do... he's part of some cult of crazies that live out in an abandoned mansion at the far side of town, this is the first time theyve done something like this."
I held my umbrella at my side as I walked with the Coyote down the halls of the inn. The construction of the building was dated, as seen by the rickety boards and the easily audible drumming of the rain outside-- it was louder here than in my office, and I was by the window most of the night, at my desk. Thinking back to that, I remembered how desperately I needed to clean it up-- there were papers everywhere due to my stresses from the Pinkertons stealing away my business from me... I can't let myself look as unprofessional as them.

As we got to the room, I noticed Xavier's frustration when he noticed it was just him and I-- no police guarding the room whatsoever. I would have bet it was either the police laziness or something from the Pinkertons to make this case harder for whomever took it from them. Before I could think further on the matter, my partner decided now would be the best time to shake himself off without warning.
"Akh-- Oh, what the hell?!" I angrily replied as I tried shielding myself from the droplets. Despite my efforts, I did get a good sprinkle from it. He then continued on as though I didn't say anything-- typical Xavier. He mentioned to me how I should steel up for this, so I did the best I could, preparing for the worst.

(1, +1) rolled on 1 5 sided die +1 roll. Total: 2.

Oh god. I brought a paw to my mouth to hold my lunch in at the sight of the scene-- it was horrible! That poor woman... the man's eyes-- they... I had to look away.
"O-oh god..." I stammered through my paw. "I think I need some air..." Before I could begin walking, I gave myself a not-so-friendly mental note about how this might be my only case for the next few months, thanks to my "rivals". I took a deep, deep breath before turning back around. "Y-you know what? I can get that air on my way back to the office." I crossed my arms, pressing a bit against my body as I forced myself to take in the scene.

After a rather long moment, I finally brought myself to point to the man.
"From first glance..." I slowly began. It was probably clear in my tone that I was still nauseated by the scene. "It seems that man would most likely-- uuugh... b-be the one who, uh... did that." I shifted my finger from the man to what was left of the woman. "Though, the only motive I could see would have to-- guhh.... be related to their cult." I then looked to Xavier's throat, unable to really look up at him in fear of losing what little containment I had left from puking. "What do you think?"

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