[Fantasy/Gore] Frostverk
Aura chuckles as she mocks the Caption "'I don't want to see nor hear you doing anything of your usual sort' What does he think im going to do? Set the down on fire?" The bartender looked up from cleaning off his bar to give her the look. She felt his glare and turned around flailing her arms in the air. "That was one time, it was an accident. They shouldn't have kept the fireworks that close to the tanning wrack."
Nerf this
[Image: overwatch-dva-without-mech.jpg]
Rachel looks at Aura for a moment, curious
"Fireworks? Actually, nevermind you don't have to tell me... I think I'll just guess~" She says, half whimsically
"I didn't come here for a drink though, even if it was good. I have to tend to my tasks, do you want to come along?" She asked Aura and her companion

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