[Fantasy/Gore] Frostverk
Closed RP between me and Danny

Dark thoughts were among the people as winter slowly sweeps across the land. Everyone knew it but no one said it, the war was rough and many people lost their lives in the name of the king. Some thought it was pointless others thought it was the right thing to do. The war with the lizard tribe ended on peaceful terms but it was still a rocky relationship. 5 years have passed since that war, yet some believe the war is still going or may even start again. Snow lightly falls on the ground around a young girl kneeling at a grave. A slight breeze rolls in and sways her long brown hair. She places a helm on the grave and gets up. Her wolf companion looks up at her as she begins to cry. The wolf gets up from laying in the snow and puts a paw on her leg. "I know, I miss him to." she says as she pets her wolf. She walks away from the grave and heads to town. "What do you say we go get something to eat?" The wolf howls at her answer and she giggles.
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It is morning, most of the pubs and taverns in cities are setting up for patrons or are already having patrons come in
Mostly just folks who are travelling, along with some merchants stopping by from town to city, but both of them are no more than the roaming swords for hire looking for their big chance to have their loyalty bought to the highest bidder
"Hey, one more cup if you don't mind~" A older looking girl politely asks the bartender, as they in turn fill up the mug for her second swig of mead
One particular traveler enters the local tavern covered in some snow trailing off their cloak, followed by some of their friends who appear lightly armed. Everyone gave them a look or glance, even the girl drinking by the bar table, before they sat down at a table, and everyone else just returned back to their business
The girl and her wolf made it back to town before the snow really began to fall. They quickly made it to the closest tavern and entered. The snow on her hair started to melt as it hit the warm air heated by the roasting fireplace within. "Boy it sure is coming down hard isn't?" she laughed. Her wolf trotted closer to the fireplace and layed down on the rug. Some of the local kids that were with their parents went and started to pet him. "Be careful, he bites." she said playfully.
"I really don't like it when you bring your wolf inside with you, Aura." told the bartender.
"What am I going to do, leave him outside Jacob? Have you seen the snow thats coming down."
"He's a wolf, there kind was made for this kind of weather."
Aura sighed "Yeah, yeah just give me the usual and a bowl of water for Zeke."
Jacob the bartender nodded his head and went and got her order ready. Aura looked around the tavern and saw that it was busier than usual for a monday morning. She then noticed an older looking girl drinking mead at the counter. She smiled and waved at her before moving on to noticing a traveler in a cloak surrounded by lightly armed friends.
"That's odd." she thinks out loud. She turns to the girl next to her. "Hey mead girl. Do you know who those people are? I've never seen a cloak like that before."
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The older girl laughs a little bit, taking a drink from her mug and turns to look at the younger girl right next to her
"Do you always associate a name with the closest given object? Anyways, I don't even know who they are, probably roaming strangers or a band of mercenaries" She answers the younger girl
She appears to be an anthropomorphic albino ferret, getting a closer look at the younger girl with her ruby red eyes, and her bushy tail swaying curiously, her braided dark blonde hair flows slightly as the wind blows through the door
"I'm assuming this isn't your first time here with your pet?" She asked
Aura was surprised to see a ferret in a human town let alone an albino. Laughing she answeres back "This is not my first time no. I haven't seen your kind here before. Are you new to this town mead girl?" Aura's food and drink finally arrives and she starts to dig in, waiting for a reply from the albino ferret.
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"Yeah, pretty much my first thirty minutes here, warmer welcome than I'd expected" She says
"You can stop calling me mead girl, my name is Rachel. What's your name?" She smiles and nods slowly, introducing herself as Aura is beginning to eat
Though honestly this Aura girl was the only one so far to greet her in a friendly manner, at least the opposite hasn't happen yet for now
She puts her burger down and takes 3 giant gulps of mead. "Ahhhh, Rachel? Thats a nice name. The names Aura, pleased to meet you." Aura slams her drink down and holds out her hand. When she was doing this the group of men that came in turned around and noticed Rachel wasn't human.
"What is that thing doing in my bar?" the one with the cape said.
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Before she shakes Aura's hands her ears twitch and she rolls her eyes as the men point her out to the bar
"Great, I shouldn't have said anything..." She mutters
"You better tell us why a white creature like you is here" One of the other men stands up and point at her
Rachel silently drinks the last of her cup, then looks over her shoulder at the crowd behind her
"Are you fucking deaf? Do we need to loosen your tongue with my blade, freak?" The man says again, his hand threateningly reaching for his sword slowly
'Shit' Aura thought as she saw the man drawing his sword. Her wolf ears twitched waiting for the signal to attack. "Now fellas there's no need for needless bloodshed in a good bar like this." Aura finished her drink and finally turned around to face them. "Now how about we talk about this like decent folk?" Aura said as she had her hand on her sword hilt.
The group of men drew their swords and people scattered out of the bar, the bartender sighed and grabbed a dagger he had hidden on his person. "If you are going to do this, I'd rather you do it outside." He said to Aura.
"Don't worry old man, Zeke will make a clean kill." Aura responded as she whistled for her wolf by her side. Zeke got in between Aura and the group of men, waiting for them to make the first move.
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[Image: overwatch-dva-without-mech.jpg]
"I hope you and your pet know what you're getting into~" Rachel says and she grabs the stool besides her, tossing it over at the band of men
That had done it, any chance of peaceful negotiation was thrown out of the window as it the wooden stool crashes into one of them and shatters into large pieces
"Get those fucking assholes!" He would shout after getting back up and the group lunges towards the trio
Rachel reaches for something on the counter she had placed, a light crossbow, and fires a previously loaded bolt one handed, striking one of the ruffians square in the torso as it crushes through his breastplate like paper, he falls over to the ground bleeding and clutching his chest
"One down, four more to go" She thought to herself, now the odds went from skewed to slightly less so

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