[Fantasy/Gore] Defenders of the Forgotten Kingdom
I wasn't going to let this person take up my time. I entered the bakery with a gentle smile. " Good 'Morrow, Iris." I say with happiness. 
"Good 'Morrow Joseph, good to see you as always." she says with enthusiasm. "What will it be today?"
"I'll just have some bread as usual." I say with a smile.
"Alright, three bronze coins please." I search through my pouch and fetch out the amount and hand it over to her. "Thank you, Joseph."
"Oh, and Iris." I say before she leaves. She turns to me curiously as I grab a silver coin and toss it into her hands. "Just to help out the family." I say with a grin. Her eyes widen a bit and covers her mouth with another hand before smiling widely at me. 
"T-Thank you Joseph. You have no idea how much this means to us." I chuckle gently.
"Just keep working hard, Iris." I say as she leaves hastily to show her parents in the back making bread. I walk towards the window and gaze out to the crowds.

 Not long after, I hear Iris say my name and the smell of a fresh, delicious bread. I quickly went back to held it in my hands and smile. "Amazing as always, Iris. Have a good day." I say before turning and walking out. As I began to take bites several, I checked my pouch only to find that it was missing. I begin to get alarmed and look around for it, until I saw the man from before with a pouch in hand. I frown, enraged. "Stop, thief!" I say to in his direction before seeing him starting to run away. In an instant, I run after him with full speed.

Elias felt a strange presence watching him. It was nothing new, but he still didn't like it. He glanced around with peripheral vision and noticed a knight of some sorts. He thought nothing of it, but his eyes did catch a small but full pouch. Elias grinned to himself and started following the knight, not caring where he was going. He did notice the smell, however, and also the creaking of wood. When he looked up, he realized that he was in a bakery with the knight not knowing he was behind. Elias heard the knight's voice and begin to try and identify his age based on his voice; he guessed that the man would be in his late twenties. As he processed this, he heard his name, Joseph. He didn't think much of it for now, but instead thought of how he was going to steal the pouch. After seeing Joseph walk towards the window, he grabbed the pouch as he walked passed him. Either Joseph was blind, or he was oblivious to him. Regardless, he waited till Joseph was distracted with Iris, then walked out without a hitch.

 He began going through the pouch to find a handful of bronze, silver and gold. This was probably the best thing he found in a long time. Before he could celebrate, he heard Joseph's voice saying, "Stop, thief!" That was his cue to start running. Without thinking twice, Elias started jolting for the gates, holding tightly onto the pouch.
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.
Ateren gave the elf a warm smile. "I've been better, that's for sure." He said before rubbing his eyes and his face. "Urrgh... man, I might come home and visit for some time but you know I have work and business to do." He said, giving her a reassuring smile. Valldrake was minding his own business during the time when he heard movement nearby. "Ah, great..." He said under his breath. He secretly hoped they weren't being intruded on but it helps to be a bit cautious.
I stared at the two as the conversed. The almost human seemed to be some sort of businessman or something, given what he said. Looking back at the Elf, I noticed the news didn't sit well with her. She was visibly upset.
"Oh..." She started, her tone quieter. "When do you think you'd be able to come back to stay...?" Upon straining my eyes a bit, I could guess she was tearing up. Her body quivered a little, as though she were trying to hold it back. "It gets really lonely while you're gone..." I noticed the small dragon move then, as though reacting to something. Looking around, I noticed yet another Elf. They were staring right at me. I held up my index finger to my lips, as though to shush them. The last thing I wanted was for my newly hatched plan to be spoiled by some random passer by.

I kept a lookout for if they were accompanied by anyone as well, in case I'd have to get a bit more physical. That's when an idea hit me. I grinned a bit wider as I stared at them, my eyes starting to glow a little with a golden hue. It was nothing really easily visible, considering the streams of light poking through the canopy, but from that Elf's angle I'm sure they would notice. If they were to make a move...
Arua moved closer to the voices and could make out a little bit of what they were saying. It seems a third voice has come into play with the other two, this one sounded different more....foreign. Elf perhaps? She most definitely recognized the half dragon but couldn't place the other voice. It sounded human but different slightly. She continued to eavesdrop before she also noticed the Elf making their way towards this location. She couldn't tell if the Elf was a friend or foe of this group of individuals, 'this could get messy' she thought. If things went south, she was prepared to use her magic.....even though this close could cause damage to her also.
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Ferin continued to watch upwards, and saw the person up above who was glaring back at him. He slowly reached for an arrow in his quiver, noticing them gesture a shush to him. There was little context to follow though, he doesn't know what the one above has anything to do with the group on the path or if they have anything against them. He cautiously watches them and keeps an eye for any sudden movements, with his bow in one hand and an arrow in the other one
Then, he heard someone else approaching but doesn't see from where yet. Could it be an ambush from above and below?
No time to start second guessing, he's unwittingly got himself involved somehow, smiling to himself as he somehow got himself into another one of these kinds of messes
As I chase down the thief, I notice that people began to take notice. Then again, it's not everyday you see a someone chase another. I kept all my thoughts in the back of my mind as I press on, only to feel the ground beneath my feet disappear. I realize that I messed up big time. I fall to the ground as I see the person's figure fade away. I get up and attempt to follow only to run out of breath and stop for a moment. However, when looking on the floor I see a trail of shoe prints and various coins. It seems like my pouch had a hole in it, which I was thankful for.  I began following the trail and prayed that he doesn't notice.

As Elias ran, he heard a loud thud hit the ground behind. He grins, knowing that he was too quick for anyone to catch, once again. He runs through the gate and heads straight for the forest. After a bit he takes a peek behind him to see if anyone was following, before turning back to see a group of figures ahead. As he tries to stop himself, he stumbles and falls, making the pouch rip more and pour out a bit. He curses and gets up only to be greeted by three human-like figures. After studying a bit more, he realizes one was an actual human, an elf and a half dragon. "... Well shit." He says, knowing that he might've gotten into a situation he can't talk his way out of.
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.
Ateren gave a light chuckle. "Oh no! I'll be home a bit more often now. I'll be doing 'work' pretty much from home some times. Not all the time, but some times. So don't worry that much." He said, giving her a reassuring smile. He noticed Valldrake was looking wary and then noticed there was others nearby, but /none/ of them were manning up to make contact for the most part. Ateren then clears his throat. "It's rude to not introduce yourselves for this long I'd think." He said, his cat ears twitching, listening for movement. He was quite frankly too busy talking to the elf that he wasn't noticing them all too well. He didn't really make an effort to look around in honesty.
The High Elf smiled to the human--Kitty-- as he reassured her, but it faded almost instantly after he spoke. Did... did he notice me? I remained still, clutching my staff tight. Hopefully he was talking to that other Elf. I looked back to him, and he seemed to have a bow of some sort. I nudged my head toward the direction of the group, as though egging him to go forward. I couldn't have my cover blown now.
"WH-who's there?" The High Elf whimpered. "Where you expecting company..?" I raised a brow by how timid this High Elf was. Given her armour and weapons, shouldn't she be able to fend for herself?
'Crap did they notice me? Should I come out. think, think'  Aura's heart beat went faster then normal as she came well aware of her situation. There was too many players on the bored and she couldn't take on all of them. She inhaled for a short while then exhaled while she stepped out from hiding to greet the human with cat ears. 
"I apologize I was just out for a short walk in the woods when I heard talking, I don't mean to intrude." 
Now she could get a clear picture of the high elf, human cat, and half dragon, all who look like they could easily take her down in a single combined attack.
"My names Aura Shadedash." she says as she bows. "Pleased to meet you."
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The elf looks up at the trees and glares, while he's not keen on being ordered around, it wouldn't do good to stay and snoop around. He gets up and stretches, just have to relax...
Before he leaves his spot, he looks up at the person up above and points at them with two fingers and back to himself as if saying he's got his eye on them, he doesn't trust them and is only doing this for his sake
He slowly stepped out into view of the group, including Aura, and gives a friendly smile
"I'm going to have to say sorry too, I didn't mean any disrespect, I just heard many voices on the way and I wanted to check to see perhaps you weren't the likes of highwaymen and it doesn't seem like you are." He says, walking out, putting his arrow back to the quiver, and getting a better look at the group plus Aura
"It's nice to meet you too. My name is Ferin, I'm looking for Aldwin" He says politely after Aura introduced herself, and giving a bit of context as to what he's doing out here

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