[Fantasy/Gore] Defenders of the Forgotten Kingdom
 You may Choose if you want to be part of the Defenders before meeting Joseph, after, or not at all. 

I wake up with a sudden jolt from the sound of the morning bell. The slow, loud sound as I groan ever so slowly, realizing that it was another day of work. With the smell of smoke from the nearby blacksmith starting to wake me up, I rise out of my bed and fix my hair, which always seems to take the form of a deformed bread loaf. 'I do hope that today goes easier than the last few,'  I say to myself as I prepare to start my day. After getting dressed and going down stairs, I hear a sudden knock on my door. Cautiously, I open it a little to see a messenger boy from the king.

"Greetings, Sir Grant. I have a message from the King, do make sure to complete as directed before sundown. Good day to you." He says before heading off with more scrolls in hand. I close my door and open the scroll and begin to read it hastily. "Joseph, My most honorable and favorable knight, I come to you with a request. As you are aware, enemy forces have been vastly increasing and there have been word that our allies, too, are forming alliances to take down our great kingdom. I request of you to go on an quest with a few companions of your choice, and set out find various beings to protect our kingdom. You are leader of the group, deemed the, 'Defenders of Aldwin.' I request that you embark on this mission before sundown, as to keep our enemy at bay." Signed by King Aldwin IV. After finishing, I begin to sweat and shake a bit. Never once have I ever gotten such a massive assignment. Today will not be like any other.

As Elias began to head for the Kingdom called, 'Aldwin,' he notices that he has never been on such path before. True, it seemed as though it was another plain path, but he could feel it in his bones that it wasn't the same. He double checks to see if his weapons are by his side, then continues onward. He then reaches a kingdom with massive walls of stone, with only a mere handful of guards. He scoff and says to himself, 'I've seen better resistance in Oswald, and they were known for being attacked.' he smirks, 'Maybe this can work in my favor... 'He then hears a slow, yet loud banging of a bell as well as his nose twitches a bit from the smell of smoke and burning charcoal.
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Thunder clashes, time has stopped... Ateren silently wonders to himself, 'why does it storm on such a day?' Screams echo around him. "The king! The king is dead!" Shouts from a person nearby. "Ateren... I don't know how long we can keep this up..." Says Valldrake with worry on his face. Before Ateren, was the king, his skull sullied by the end of Ateren's hammer. Many others having met a similar fate. 'They deserved it...' he kept telling himself. "Traitor!" Yells a dying knight. What a bumpy road he has begat. Memories flashing in his mind. The king's voice trails in his mind. "I want you to kill that thief..." Then the voice of that lost-branch-wood-elf girl echoes. "Please! You've got it all wrong!" Her tears... the sadness. It wasn't right. The voice of the delegate rings next. "Our race must remain supreme!" All of this happens at a near instant while time remains at a pause.

Time slowly regains, anger fills Ateren's entire being. 'There are others...' he thought to himself. This wasn't the end... but merely the beginning of a dark path that is believed to be a righteous one. As if with superhuman strength, he pushes through the onslaught of retaliation. But this was only perceived as such, when really everyone was still in shock that the entire government was squashed by a single brigade of treachery. With one mighty swing of his hammer, many fell before him. Valldrake, his best and loyal friend and disgust with the proceedings of this town, follow him. Set ablaze in the chaos, this town goes down as a testament of his new order. All monarchies, all governments, shall perish!

His next target would be decided eventually. But first he must worm his way into the hearts of many. Tear down from the inside. Allies must be acquired. There, he sees it. A town filled with riches. A town he perceives to be a corrupt kingdom of greed in order to obtain those riches. First things first... the girl. She must be protected at ALL costs! They meet in secret... alliances must be formed. The people shall become free from all kings and monarchies! Even if it's by force...
"N-no... stop!" She pleaded as she extended her mangled, wingless arm toward me. "Why are you doing this!?" No words left my pale lips. My face bore no expression-- only a cold, empty glare from under my hood at the beaten creature. My grip tightened on my staff before pointing its end at her, the lavender ball at the end glowing as a current runs through it. "Please, no!" She cried out, tears streaming down her already reddened cheeks toward her chin. "Yoruko, please!" My eyes lit up then, as the sounds of a loud buzz with crackling and screaming fill the air.

I snapped back to reality as a ray of the sun hits my eye through the thick canopy above me. It hurts, but a lot more than I feel it should. A small crackling sound gives supplied me the reason as I noticed small currents bouncing off my cloak covering my breasts. I brought a hand to my cheek to find it soaked, likely to the point of mild reddening on my cheeks. I was crying again. I honestly couldn't say this wasn't a common occurrence since that day, unfortunately, but there was nothing I could do about it now. I had just wished I could have gotten better sleep, given I was nocturnal. It was frustrating since I was so far from home, and couldn't trust anyone around for me to crash at their home, even if for only a short time. I felt I couldn't trust anyone anymore, due to--


My head flicked toward the source of the sound to find what appeared to be a High Elf walking along the path below me. She appeared timid, and wore armour and tools of metal and leather. She looked as though she had somewhere to go, but was scared to do so. I decided after a short moment that it might be favourable to see what she was headed for, but not to be noticed under consequence of her likely running away from both me and where she was decidedly heading. I took a tighter grip of my staff and stood on the branch I was sitting on, and took to following tail from above.
The sound of cheerful drunkards and mugs clinging fills the hall. Everyone was abuzz about the Dragon on High Hilltop was killed. Another successful 'Dragon hunt' was completed so it seems. Aura waves the bartender down to get another mug of ale. 
"Aura, why don't you join in? They seem like they are having so much fun" The bartender asks while filling her mug full so that foam overflows onto the table. Aura gave the bartender a smug look and took a few gulps. 
"I don't join parties that kill my kind." she said slamming the mug down on the table. This drew attention to some, and more eyes were on Aura then she would like. 
"Aura we talked about this, you are more human than dragon." Aura looked up from the table and saw the bartender was smiling. 
"Don't do that, you know I hate that Sidia."
"Do what?" Sidia asked as she walked away smiling to go help another drunk. Aura was grateful that Sidia has stayed friends with her for so long, 30 years goes by fast. Maybe it's time for her to move on. Aura wasn't the type of person to set down roots, especially when it came down to a girl. She knew better than to fall in love with a human, they grew old too fast.  Aura stared into her mug thinking back on all her past relationships and figured she was better off alone. Aura payed Sidia by leaving the money on the counter and left, the joy of killing a dragon was bumming Aura out and she needed some fresh air. Thinking back on what Sidia said, Aura was more human. She may be a half dragon, and have dragon traits but she was very much human. She hated admitting Sidia was right. Aura sighs as she left the tavern.
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Ferin yawns as the first light of sun rolls over his head, he's had a nice nap but it's time to keep going
Actually, it could have been better but beggars really can't be choosers. He's actually slept in beds that are worse than sleeping outdoors like this
Packing his belongings up, he slung his small backpack over and worn it on his back beside his quiver, with his bow in hand instead while the saber remains on his waist and sheathed, continuing carefully onward with the cover of the woods. He'd keep an eye out on the path occasionally to see if anything of interest would occur but so far nothing has been going on, it had been a relatively dull tip so far
Aldin, if it's anything like the rumors he's heard it would be a great place to start a new page, maybe meet an old friend too. But the past always has a way to catch up when not confronted...
Ateren sat on the ground, leaning up against a tree in the middle of the forest. He gave a great sigh as he continued to watch for any sign of the 'thief' he met earlier. Valldrake thumbs through his book for some time before closing it with one claw. "Man, I really don't feel that well about all of this." He said, taking a look around. "I don't either... but we can't do this alone. Plus, I'd like for her to be safe in all of this." Ateren said before picking up a leaf and inspecting it idly.
For a High Elf, this creature walked awfully slowly. It felt like I had only moved a handful of trees while tailing her for what felt like an eternity. She was clearly extremely timid-- constantly checking her surroundings at all angles to see if someone were following, but she never really had a good eye for spotting me, as she seemed to look right passed me a number of times. Perhaps it was my cloak, which blended with the darkness of the canopy's underside... Regardless, she seemed to be progressing toward her destination-- even if it was painfully slowly.

After a good moment longer, I saw two other beings come into view. One a basic human, save for a pair of feline ears, in some pretty heavy looking metal armour and a... hammer? The other a lizard looking thing-- likely some breed of dragon. He donned some lighter armour, but also held a book of some sort. I felt I should definitely stay behind at this time, because while the human would be vulnerable to me, the dragon would likely be strong or even immune. I hung back in the darkness as I noticed her pace pick up. Were these two who she was going to? My wonder was answered fairly quick as she seemed to joyfully sit awkwardly close to the human. She donned a smile now... maybe he meant something to her?

"Hey, Kitty," She said. Her tone was affectionate; soft, and smooth, but also sweet as honey. "How've you been since we last spoke?" Though she seemed to be content around the human-- Kitty-- she still held a rather locked up sitting posture; holding her knees close to her, curled up in a ball. Something seemed to be bothering her. Did she notice me? "Are... you able to come home yet?" I gritted my teeth, clenching my staff tighter. The High Elf and Kitty were close. It disgusted me. I glared at them as they sat together, before that memory came back...

"No, please! D-don't!" I felt my eyes well up a little. "Why are you doing this..? Please, tell me... why!?" A cruel grin came over me at that moment, as the answer to that very question rung through my head.
"They made me."

They made me...

They MADE me.
I sigh deeply after much thought about it. Without letting my mind think about it too much, I decided to go through my usual routine. I walk across my small wooden home to my kitchen, in search for my sword. I go towards a small handful of potatoes and other various foods, before pulling out my sword from the pile. I then go to my armor and put it on hastily, fixing my hair before putting on my helmet. I breathe slowly for a moment before opening my door.

I smile at least, seeing how much Aldwin has grown. From a small, unknown town to a glorious kingdom, it felt right to be a servant of the kingdom. I pat my side to make sure that my pouch of gold was where it should be before walking towards the Bakery. As I do, though, I notice a strange figure in a hood going through the gates. It wasn't new for people to come in and out, but it felt... Odd.

"Good 'Morrow, fine gentlemen." Elias says in a happy tone. He takes off his hood and gives them a warm smile, just like entering any other city. It seems to put the guards at ease slightly."State your name, home country and business." The guard says. Elias smiles and thinks of which lie he should use this time. "My name is Johnathon Snowbell from the Orgen Empire. I'm here to do trades and see if this Kingdom is fit for my family." The guard looks cautiously at him before nodding at the guard above, who opens the gate. He smiles gratefully. "Thank you, may your kingdom ever prosper." He says before walking in. This was easier than he thought.
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Aura stepped out of the tavern and felt the brisk air touch her scaly face. 'Morning already' she thought. She hadn't realized she was in the tavern all night. 'Those dragon killers sure know how to party.' She walked towards the woods outside of town. 'Fresh air will do me good.' As she moved through town she could see people already up and going about their business. Aura liked the morning it wasn't too busy but busy just enough it doesn't feel lonely. 
Aura made it to the edge of the woods, she liked it here. She didn't know why it was almost like the woods are calling her to come home. She breathed in the forest air and headed in. Aura made quite a bit of ground into the forest before she thought she heard some chatter. She made her way closer before stopping herself and wondered if she should intrude or not. With a deep sigh she heads towards the voices she heard earlier. 'This is a bad idea.'
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Ferin continued walking forwards until he came across a sound in the distance, it sounded like talking. The elf wanted to go take a peek and be on his way, not wanting to make such a habit of intruding upon others business
As he makes it through some dense foliage, waiting by some trees by the path, he saw two people, no wait three people... a high elf, a human perhaps if it weren't for the strange ears, and a dragon-like person. It seems they're having some kind of reunion, they seem to hold each other in high regard which is touching... but it also reminded him of what was taken from him, quite bittersweet
It's better not to disturb them, he thought. But then he noticed some kind of irregularity up above the trees, was someone up there? With his sharp sights set on the trees, he focuses his attention up there for a moment to see if someone or something was lurking from above

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