Here's what my new desktop looks like, ever since I reinstalled Windows. It's not full of cluster yet since it's relatively new.

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[Image: 2017_10_02_23_23_28_by_pikachuu26-dbpc000.jpg]

It's a bit of a mess, but don't judge me durn it, I don't have the time to clean up my steam games and junk xD
[Image: Screenshot_from_2017-10-03_00-19-54.png]

I need to get a new build together.
[Image: 729a17ed8f1334af84049a55c2eadc3c.jpg]

Just changed to a new background similar to the previous one, still keeping my desktop relatively clean
So, I got really, really annoyed that after every windows update my computer's background reverted to the default, and I decided naturally that the best form of rebellion was to change my BG to this. Beautiful, right? (Don't mind the various clutter, I'll fix it when I fix it. xD)

[Image: 2017_12_28_16_49_31_by_pikachuu26-dby57e3.png]

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