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Finally got around to updating my wallpaper for the first time in like evar.

(Please don't mind the messy desktop, I'm way too lazy to clean it to be honest xD)
Well, on my bad computer (which is what I use to work on the forum; sorry about the delay of the Discord update guys!) I always had issues with it going sluggish, to the point of freezing for half hour intervals every two minutes after it unfreezes or less. Well, I had enough and...

[Image: Screenshot_from_2016_10_13_00_35_39.png]
Hmm... it's gotten quiet around here.
[Image: Screenshot_from_2016_10_20_17_36_12.png]
OOC cause there's 6 different images so it's gonna be kinda big.

[Image: ss__2016_10_20_at_02_50_42__by_pokemonbr...alv96d.jpg]
[Image: ss__2016_10_21_at_02_37_44__by_pokemonbr...alv959.jpg]
[Image: ss__2016_10_20_at_02_47_00__by_pokemonbr...alv97e.jpg]
[Image: ss__2016_10_20_at_02_44_17__by_pokemonbr...alv98r.jpg]
[Image: ss__2016_10_20_at_02_39_33__by_pokemonbr...alv99t.jpg]
There's supposed to be a sixth one, but it isn't showing up in the random rotation for whatever reason so I can't get a screen shot of it. I will keep checking my desktop occasionally and add it if it does show up at any point.

Edit: Ayy, it finally decided to show up right after I posted. xD
[Image: ss__2016_10_21_at_02_09_34__by_pokemonbr...alva8y.jpg]
@Zenith You can cycle through your backgrounds by right clicking your desktop and selecting "Next Background".
Wait... Seriously? 0_o I've had this computer for like four years now and I didn't know that. xD

Thank you for pointing that out to me.
@Zenith No problem.

On another note...
[Image: Screenshot_from_2016_10_30_22_57_27.png]
You would put that as your desktop background
Nerf this
[Image: overwatch-dva-without-mech.jpg]
New desktop:

I'd attach it but it would wreck the forum layout something fierce. XD
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