Character: Nazaire (SRe)
Name: Nazaire Ryezke
Species: Kobald
Sex: Female
Age: She forgot.
Height: 162 cm tall
Appearance: Short, Slim, Athletic, 'compact' with somewhat shallow hips and chest. Short silver hair, light gray skin, long and serrated pointed ears, short fangs, solid-color green or purple eyes that sometimes change color, usually looks either apathetic or annoyed.

A member of a race that is very rare on the surface, Kobalds are often likened as serpentine elves. They are generally shorter than most humans, feature long serrated ears, gray skin and fangs that gives them a somewhat snakelike appearance. Kobald's hair do not stop growing so they generally have very long, shining hair. Nazaire is an exception as she cuts it often.

Ryezke is not her last name, it is more akin to a title, a name given to kobalds who live on the surface. Few kobalds are proud of that name and wouldn't tell it to anyone.
Nazaire herself is a middle aged kobald, though due to their erratic and unpredictable growth and very long lifespans, she has forgotten her actual age, but appears as a woman in her mid-20s. Nazaire's only truly notable feature that sets her apart from others of her race is her eyes- her natural snakelike eyes have been replaced with pearls, magical in nature. As a result, she is technically blind, but these pearls allow her to discern color and shape and see things around her in ways not immediately understandable to those who have never experienced it.

Nazaire's personality is apathetic, lazy and hair triggered. She has no patience for social interaction and is very easily annoyed and angered by loud or talkative people. She is sour, rude and insensitive, traits that have earned her a negative reputation. She does, however, have a passion for her trade of magic-based engineering, and any devotion she lacks concerning friends and family is instead concentrated on her art and work. She reads, writes, and builds whenever she can and is adept at magic, and using magic as a means for construction and powering clockwork engineering. Her knowledge of magic is diverse and deep, but she preffers not to use complex spells unless it concerns her work.
Nazaire has poor self control and easily gives in to addiction, and as a result has both a sweet tooth and addiction to smoking from her kiseru pipe that she keeps on her person at all times.

She is by no means a good or nice person. She finds herself on the wrong side of the law often and is not afraid to resort to violence to get her way, and rarely shows regret or remorse when it comes to that.

She finds herself adventuring often- sometimes out of sheer boredom, other times to steal rare parts or magical knowledge. As rude as she is, her skill at problem solving- so long as her methods are not restricted too much- is somewhat renowned.

As far as relationships go, she believes that romantic or friendly relationships are a glaring opening, a weakness that can be used against her or exploited, and she actively shows animosity toward anyone who attempts to establish a connection with her.

When in danger, her skill at hand to hand fighting is limited, as is her skill with a knife, but she's a great shot with her custom built pistol, a revolver that acts as a magic catalyst rather than a true firearm. She is also very skilled with magic, but rarely uses it in combat except to taunt or antagonize her foe, she prefers fighting with her pistol more than any other alternative.
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