Aurora Rustfeather
Well since reasons, another OC!
Full Name: Aurora Rustfeather
Species: Unicorn
Ethnicity: Equestrian
Age: 19
Gender: Mare
Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Hometown: Ponyville, Equestria
Occupation: Part-time Nurse (Ponyville Hospital)
Coat Colour: Rust Orange
Mane Colour/ Tail Colour: Blue
Eye Colour: Bright Green
Cutie Mark: Open Book
Desc.: Born to the storied family Rustfeather, Aurora was perhaps destined for greatness the moment she was born. The family Rustfeather may be one of the oldest families in Ponyville, perhaps one of the first to move into Ponyville after it's establishment and since it's inception, the name Rustfeather has always came with a sense of responsibility and greatness. The first of the Rustfeather's, Rehan, was a famed explorer, traveling the world, discovering new places, and becoming a pioneer in the field of medicine over his many years adventuring the world. He married early to a equestrian pegasus mare by the name of Rose. The two had one child, Lilac Rustfeather, whom would also go on to greatness continuing her fathers work on medicine by intermingling it with the field of potions, becoming one of the first mares to ever enter said field and subsequently create a new field of potions for study, known as the Regenerative branch of potions before marrying a equestrian unicorn by the name of Midnight Thunder also known for his work in medicine. 
With so much to live up to Aurora had little choice going into her line of work as all before her had been in the field of medicine or potions, which she does enjoy immensely. However it seems Aurora's talent's lie elsewhere and her cutie mark stands as proof, symbolizing Aurora's love of reading and writing, something her family would surely understand if they weren't all to busy with their own lives.
In social interaction Aurora is noted as very quiet, to a point of disuse of her own voice. However if the right subject comes up Aurora becomes easily excitable and much more talkative. In the right company Aurora opens up quite a bit and is actually a decent conversationalist if given the time to adapt to situations on the go.
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