Ateren and Sapphire. [Pokemon Version]
Name: Ateren
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Species: Charizard
Nature: Relaxed
Character: Charismatic.

Region: Born and Raised in Fiore

Bio: Far from most human inhabitants. Ateren was born and raised by a herd colony? Uh... thing group of others in the Charizard family evolution line. The 'village' hoped he would be a great and strong fighter for the village considering he outclassed most of his peers growing up. Yet, he desired something else and took a less traveled route. Due to the warring nature of Charizards in his village, they forbade him to do anything else but seek training where his natural strengths lie. He decided to rebel and ended up getting kicked out of the village. To which he travels the world with a camera he acquired with exploration in his heart.

Appearance: Same as any other Charizard but has a camera around his neck.

Common Moveset: He always and forever will be extra bulky and abuses his attack stats due to him being slower from his more relaxed nature. So he has taken the liberty to have self taught himself physical attacks instead of special. He's caught using Earthquake, Brick Break, Fire punch, Aerial Ace, Swords Dance, Mega Punch. Just depends on the RP and if he's allowed to carry and use TMs on himself to mix and match on the fly to essentially get around the 4 move limit with the new invention of TMs that last further than a single use.
Name: Sapphire
Age: 24ish
Gender: Female
Species: Meowstic
Nature: Sassy

Character: Voluptuous.

Region: Kalos.

Bio: Not a lot is known about her and she rarely opens up. She concentrates more on the present and does whatever she wants sporadically. This character is also pretty voluptuous but most if it is just teasing and nothing comes out of her silly antics. She does play pranks, but does so in a more subtle and intelligent way. She is slow to anger and slow to fight too. When she does, she takes on the lore power given to her by the pokedex entry. Which is that purely opening her ears to show the eye patterns causes uncontrollable psychic powers to shoot outward. She has more non-lethal ways of dealing with foes though. Rumor has it she has a brother, but only those who know her brother in the first place knows the truth. (Which I guess means that she has one. Hardly a rumor now is it?)

Appearance: She despises the curl of her collar fur. So the curl is an undercurl rather than and overcurl. She also wears red wireframe glasses.

Common Moveset: She is one of the few, if not the only, Meowstic to know Draining Kiss. Depending on the RP, she'll have a variety of Psychic moves.

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