[Pony] Vintage Wine
This is a closed roleplay! Mew You're welcome to read tho.

I won't... I can't... The sounds of ponies yelling "DRINK! DRINK! DRINK! DRINK!" resonate throughout the bar in the Canterlot restaurant called 'Executive Cheddar.' "I-I... I don't think... I can. H-Heh." He meekly said, not really wanting to drink the drink on front of him. It was odd though, this string of events came up after conversing with the mare at the bar. He let slip that he was a stallion even though he clearly looked like a mare. At that point they wanted me to prove it by downing an entire glass of alcohol. He found the smell revolting and assumes the taste to follow the same. Plus, he took pride in having a sane mind 24/7. He personally found it odd that drinking was a quality for a stallion around here. But he didn't protest that thought process.

He decided to try and escape this situation. That would prove to be a bit difficult since a lot of ponies were keeping an eye on him. It didn't help that he completely stood out anyways. It gets a small idea. "Um, may I use the restroom?" He said, fluttering his eyes at the mare. "Yeah, okay. But you better get your flank back here to finish this drink. It's relatively rude to refuse anything free." Ateren gave a light bow and sped off to the bathroom. He heads into the stallion's bathroom and looks around. No windows? Of course not, not in public buildings at least. He squints his eyes and spots an air vent. He decides to make his way into said vent. "Eugh... I can't be seen going back out there..." Between his looks and the white pelt? Yeah, he'd have to do something fancy to not get seen. He crawls through the vent until he makes his way to the roof ventilation, kicking open the grate and flying off.

He huffed and made an emergency landing at the nearby library to take a breather. He strolls in and shimmies past the counter and over to the reading area. He didn't care who was nearby at this point and plops on one of those bean bag chairs they have because libraries want to be cool and comfortable these days. The odd thing was is that he planted down face first. His curvy pony-tail-ish hairstyle and ears being the only thing visible as he slumps into the chair. Probably looks silly in all honesty.
I let out a deep sigh as I made my way into the library. The nearly setting sun on an already slow day almost begged to head to bed early, though that's what Autumn's like, I guess. Throughout the entire day, all I was able to do was renew my visa. While I did plan ahead for this, as it was the fifth time I've done so, it was always soul sucking to wait in that endless line. Now that it was over, though, I can finally pick up a book and read. I made my way over to the Fiction section, and took a good browse through the selection.
"Read it, read it, read it..." I quietly said as I scanned. My voice was extraordinarily soft and smooth, but really lacked any optimistic or pessimistic pitch. "Read it, read it, read it... Oh!" My eyes lit up as I then used my magic to pull out the newest release of By Night Then Day, my favourite Romantic Fiction about a Werewolf man and Changeling woman. I would have read it sooner, but it sold out and rented out from every library and bookstore around where I've been before. I was honestly surprised a library in Canterlot would have it!

As I made my way out of the section, I cracked open the book to the prologue and buried my nose in it. I continued walking as I read, as I was already well adept with most library layouts in Equestria. I made my way to the bean bag chairs when I tripped over a hoof. I stumbled only a little before regaining my balance. I looked back with a frown, only to realize some Pegasus mare was sitting in the chair... with her face. I made my way to the chair next to her and sat in it, attempting not to be too visibly irritated.
"You know," I passively said with a hint of mild irritation in my tone. "Chairs really aren't meant for your face, Miss." I went back to where I was in the book, and continued reading. Thankfully I am able to listen and read at the same time, so if she decided to retort with something, I'll know.
Ateren twitched at being called a Miss. But he never confronts the issue. He lifts his head from the beanbag chair. "Well I guess that makes me a 'buttface' h-heh." He said before righting himself into the seat. "Just... kind of crashed without caring too much is all. S-Sorry." He said curling up into the bean bag chair. He kind of felt awkward to continue talking since he's probably bothering her reading time. It's probably the irritation in her tone, but he assumes the worst from her. He slightly wished she hadn't came by so he'd lounge out a bit more freely.
As the mare spoke, I noticed she had a bit of an airy tone. It sounded a bit... off, I shrugged it off, as it wasn't really my place to judge others.
"You're fine," I said passively. "I just assume it would hurt to be tripped over often." I turned the page with my magic. "Would you believe By Night Then Day is so hard to come by? This is the sixth city I've gone to in search for it." I then made a shocked expression, making a small "o" shape with my mouth as my eyes widened upon reading how Arynel narrowly escaped being banished to a star.
He lift his head up and looked at her. "Well... it is a popular book. Curious as to which cities you went to in order to get that book in honesty." He said, slowly feeling more comfortable with her. "So uh... I'm Atty by the by. Just figured I'd get introductions out of the way at least." He said while fiddling with his hooves, still slightly nervous.
Once I recovered from my shock, I let out a small sigh of relief. I could see why this book was so popular-- I wasn't even out of the prologue yet!
"I've been to PonyVille, Stalliongrad, Las Pegasus, Appleoosa, and Fillydelphia," I replied casually. Once I got to the end of the page, I flipped it while lowering the book to face the mare-- Atty. "My name is Crystal." I gave her a small smile. "Crystal Skies. Pleasure to be of acquaintance, Miss Atty."
A light blush forms as he tries to maintain a straight face on being called a 'Miss'. "Oh. T-That's a nice name. I'm Charmed to meet you as well." He slightly searches her face for emotions, trying to determine her personality a tad. As it stands he thinks of her of being a usual Canterlot Unicorn, whom of which he usually has bad run ins with. He found her to look a bit different... but couldn't find anything distinguishable. "I find it a bit silly that it took this long to find the book though." He commented.
I giggled a bit as Atty blushed, and nodded at her comment. She easily noticed the mare trying to study her, but she really didn't mind.
"I know, right?" I began. "This book's almost as popular as Daring Do, with how fast it flew off the shelves." I looked back at the book, smiling at it. "I don't blame it, though... I have every copy so far except this one back home." I paused a moment, before closing the book. "I'll have to check it out for now; maybe I'll find a copy to own later." I then got up. "I'll be right back, unless you care to follow."
He found her features interesting, but let set in the back of his mind for later. "Oh! Well, yeah... I'd like to follow." he said, twirling a hoof on the floor before getting up after her. "So... do you live around here?"
I nodded to here, before making my way toward the counter. My gait had a natural subtle swivel to it, which put my fluffier tail to good use.
"Currently, yes," I said as we walked. "Just got set up today. My stuff should be getting to my apartment about now." I then sighed before stopping at the counter, setting the book on the counter. "I'd like to check this out."

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