[Fantasy/Gore] Defenders of the Forgotten Kingdom
I release my breath with relief and smile at him with no strain. "Got it. Joseph, by the way, at your service." I nod back to him firmly then began to head back to the Kingdom. "So, if I may ask, what made you decide to go to Aldwin? For some reason I sense that with what recently just occurred, you aren't some normal traveler." I turn to him a bit and smile at him. He seemed a bit too convinced, but I kept the thoughts to myself.

Elias laughed a little from his traveling partner's comment. "Don't worry, I don't have metal armor on like he does, I should survive a bit better than he did" He places his hands behind his head and looks around and at her for the most part, trying to get whatever information out of her from gazing at her. "I don't think we've fully introduced ourselves, my name's Jeremiah Green." He be damned if he wasn't going to try and manipulate such a powerful being such as this one.
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.
Valldrake stopped. He was looking behind him and saw a figure falling out of the tree looking hurt. "Now wait guys, hold on a minute." When he said that, Ateren paused too. "What's going on?" To which Valldrake pointed. Ateren tilted his head and nods. "Yeah, she looks a bit... hurt. I think I can help her out." He said with confidence. He took the half-elf and walked over to the figure that spied on them from the tree. He knelt down. "Hey. How hurt are you?" He said as Valldrake looked over his shoulder.
I felt myself slowly lose consciousness as i lay on the ground, my vision blurring progressively until a sharp and stabbing pain fires up my left arm, jolting me awake again. I heard the dragon come near me and speak, but all I could do was reply with an agonized groan. I tried reaching for the warmth near my head, where i assumed my staff was. This was until my hand gently bumped... the lower half, where it split.

i let out a softer groan as the realization hit me: while reliving my past, I must have been hit with a bolt of my own lightning, causing me to crash down to the ground and taking a few branches with me. My staff must have hit something, causing it to split as well. My head still throbbed, but the current running through me was subsiding. I couldn't move well, and I was fairly sure my left arm was likely broken, given the sharp burning pain coming from my forearm. I tried to look to the dragon, but failed as he was out of my line of sight without moving my head. I let out a sigh... I was entirely at the mercy of a dragon who may or may not know that I caused all this damage.
She cracked a small smile, this one has manners. "Jeremiah Green? Interesting name, I take it you are from the north? Aura Shadedash." She stretched out her hand towards Jeremiah, waiting for him to do the same. "Pleased to meet you."
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'Now he's going to ask me my life story? Well... I'll just keep it really vague' He thought, picking his belongings back up and following Joseph
"I'm looking for someone, and I suppose an elf getting an electrocution on your hikes isn't something you see everyday" He says, trying to make light and smile but winces slightly from the pain of being shocked
'Alright, now change the subject from myself...' He thought
"What're you looking for defenders of Aldwin for anyways?"
I smile and let out a little laugh alongside him. "The King of Aldwin himself asked me to. Although, it never included being robbed by a thief and ending up in a death circle." I look up to the sky and notice how the weather was still a bit cloudy, but not enough to storm again. I frown a bit and try to process what happen and begin to talk to myself a little. 'This can't be just a normal day, with everything happening.' I glance around and easily follow my way back towards the Kingdom. "Oh, I never got to catch your name, sir." I look over at him and give him a smile. 

Elias gave a grin and shook Aura's hand firmly. "Yeah, I actually moved down not along ago. Lovely name, if I might add." He lets go of her hand but continues to look at her as they walk. "So, if I may ask where are we off to? I haven't been around here for long." He says as he glances around at the scenery. Although the skies were still dark, it didn't seem to be lighting up a bit. He smiles a little and continues to listen to Aura.
I will write my legacy with this pen and paper.
Valldrake peered over the girl before looking back at Ateren. "What should we do? It looks like she fell out of the damn tree." Ateren looks back at Valldrake and then back at the girl. "Yeah, let's take her back to my place." He said attempting to pick her up. Valldrake helps out and then head on to their place. Their home is a small log cabin at the edge of the forest. It's not far from another kingdom nearby, but there's no real threat of them being found out. The girl was placed on a bed in one of the bedrooms, left alone for a while afterword.

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