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If you can't guess what the RP is based on the title, this may not be for you. In any case, this is a zombie RP where we follow a band of survivors made of various types. Humans... furballs... either are fine. Will they live? Will they die? Nobody really knows.

The story begins in a not too distant future in the midwestern United States. It's early summer of 2019 and it's warm, carefree and prosperous. Rumors of a growing epidemic in the third world reaches the citizens from various news sources but it appears to just be due to lack a proper hygiene and medical care. Of course, that's until the epidemic turns into a worldwide pandemic. Major cities become ruined and those not infected find themselves in a struggle just to not perish.

Who shall be in our party? You get to decide!

My players shall consist of Alexander, Mason and Dawn.

A bit about Alex first. He prefers to go by the short form and has an open personality. Fairly jovial, but serious about his work. Of which, he is a Director of IT at a major company headquarterd in the home city where he leads his team and is the "main man" so to speak. He's a fit individual, taking care of himself but he has poor eyesight so he wears glasses. Outside of work, he is musically talented and exceptionally proficient with firearms of various types. He is an exceptional planner and rarely gets flustered. He is also the narrator of the story so he will be the only character in first person.

Mason is a curious, exceptionally intelligent junior high student. He's a bit quieter than most his age and he prefers to maintain a quiet resolve while he studies and learns. While he's still quite young, he is extremely advanced for his age. He was offered a chance to skip ahead but preferred to stay with his friends. While usually quiet, he does enjoy talking about his favorite subjects, which happens to be cosmological science and astronomy. He can frighten somewhat easily but maintains a steely, if not quiet, resolve.

Dawn. She's an open, flamboyant woman who also happens to be an anthropomorphic collie. She takes care of herself and runs her own business, which... unusually enough... is an adult entertainment club. She has no problems flaunting what she has but she's not careless. She is a steadfast business leader and doesn't take shit from anyone. She has self-defense and firearms training and is not afraid to use it. Despite this, she prefers not to do so. When she's not running her club, she's usually found exercising, reading or just relaxing.

Who else joins the party? Three people can't survive a pandemic. Help them live.
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(07-04-2016, 04:06 AM)Firebreak Wrote: He is an exceptional planner and rarely gets flustered. He is also the narrator of the story so he will be the only character in first person.

Is this by means of your post, or is he literally the only one who can be first person across the board?

Onward, I'm throwing my hat in the ring here. I'll be using Yuu Aurora, Jasmine Thoma, and Kowareta. My main will be Yuu.

Yuu is an anthropomorphic Red and Marble fox crossbred female with a rather bubbly attitude. She's a college student for Psychology, while also maintaining a part time job as a waitress for some extra throw around money, since her scholarships already pay for her studies. She's a bit of a nerd, visiting the library often in her spare time, but she's also well versed with melee weapons due to her father training her when she was younger in case for self defense. Her job is rather interesting, considering she's only a hundred centimetres tall, but she loves working with what she has. She very much prefers realistic optimism over anything else, and it often keeps her mood quirky and cheery.

Moving on to Jasmine, she is a very quiet librarian. She wears corrective glasses with thick black frames, but keeps the fringe of her hair propped over her left eye. She's rather petite and pale, with long brown hair and deep green eyes. She's commonly seen wearing monochrome, as it complimented her hair and eye colour. Not much is known about her life outside the library, as she doesn't really talk about herself.

Finally, Kowareta. She is a medium height, extremely pale mute with black hair and red eyes. She wears all black, usually combat boots, cargo pants, t-shirt and trench coat. She's often seen at the range, firing off any gun that's handed to her. It's unknown how or where she got the experience with such weapons, and nobody could really ask her since she doesn't even reply to sign language. She does seem to hear just fine, though, as she does react to when she's addressed. When asked her name one time, all she wrote was "Kowareta". She's been addressed as such since.
Whole story. It's part of the atmosphere.
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Got it. It'll be interesting going third again-- haven't done that in years. Ras
I'm interested in joining a Zombie RP! I say this as my family members play Left 4 Dead 2 Next to me Laugh

I only have the following Characters: Joey Lane, Jamie Aldrige, and Red. My main will be Joey.

Joseph Lane is your average Sophomore in High school, being mostly a gamer and having glasses due to him not being able to see far. He has some experience with guns due to his father being in the military while also some cooking from his mother. Although he was a recent high school student, he was fairly advance among his peers in mostly Math and some experience in the medical field, mostly learning how to use a first aid kit. He keeps to himself most times and tries to always get an upper hand on both his allies and opponents, but in the end wanting the best for everyone, even risking himself. He usually has long black hair to cover his eyes and black clothing to help him not seem to be noticed. He tends to be a follower and give advice when needed, otherwise just being a support rather than a leader. His ethnicity is Asian.  

Jamie Aldrige isn't one to be around. Not only for his tall height, but as well as his brute strength. He was the football captain in his high school year all the way to becoming a senior. Although, he has a hard time keeping his grades up, barley passing enough to stay in the team. He has blonde hair and tends to wear sleeveless shirts to show off his muscles to intimidate everyone around him. He has an arrogant personality and tends to look after himself before anyone else as well as not enjoy being lead. His ethnicity is Caucasian.

Not much is known about Red, because even he doesn't remember. All he remembers is waking up from a coma and being signed to assassinate people with a sniper, and that's all he needed. He quickly rose in the ranks of his follow assassins and became one of the most feared in the State of Texas. Although he has a slim build and a height of a mere 5" 7', it helps when he needs to get out of a sticky spot and to get in and out hastily during missions. He has dirty blonde hair with some blue highlights, as well as a black trench coat, black shirt,  pants, and shoes (Since no one else in this RP apparently as shoes in their description Love). He also carries a pair of shades in order to cover his eye color. His ethnicity is Asian.
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Here's what I got.

I have the characters Shiva and Collin.

Shiva is an anthro kangaroo. She's a nice girl but can easily get stressed. With her hobby as a boxer and job as a personal trainer, it helps her take out the stress of everyday life. She doesn't tolerate laziness and will shake her head at those that refuse to cooperate and help. While she is not normally the aggressive type, she will get her point across to those who are putting up a hard time on purpose. A hard worker and a damn good example of it, she will help those that need it but will ultimately make decisions for the best of the group rather than for an individual's sake.

Collin is pretty much your average wimp. He often will want to let others do the work for him in this new world. Not because of his laziness, but because of his fear of the risks. He's a nice guy but he just doesn't like having to deal with situations that put him or others in danger. He feels he's lost too much at this point and doesn't want to lose anything else. But his fear of the undead, or rather turning into one of them scares him more than his bravery can overcome.
I am interested to join your RP. I only have Ariana Rui as my Main so here is my description.

Ariana Rui is an 18 year old girl who is very clumsy, shy, clever but Very Intelligent. Although she is an Otaku. She LOVES Anime guys and reads many manga books. Her parents are always away on a buisiness trip for work but they always send money to pay for her huge apartment she lives by herself in. She is a Goody-Goody so she usually doesn't get in trouble. She would always be afraid to speak for herself but in action, she is a whole different person. She is also very sensitive and a type of girl that would want to help people and would want to improve her confidence as she uses her Talents in good use. In school, She was a black belt martial artist learning Tae kwan doe and took a medical science class and learns about emergency aids and etc.
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I'll throw my cards in the lot as well then considering everyone else is basically here. (Woo community!)
I got only two this time round but hey, spur of the moment. Ace and Davis descs away!

Ace is the given nickname to the anthropomorphic cat known as Kara Sokol, a blackjack dealer at one of the largest casinos in Las Vegas. Ace is highly noticeable given she has heterochromia (Having one eye be green and the other blue) while also being relatively taller then most women. The nickname Ace was given by her boss many years ago when she first started her job and the name stuck to a point where Kara now prefers to be called Ace by anyone she meets. Ace is swift of hand and foot, honed from years of dealing cards and subsequently running as fast as she could away from angry gamblers who didn't understand that the House always wins. She is highly intelligent, but only at times when she wants to be and is often considered to be quite lazy if not motivated correctly. Ace is also highly independent often preferring to work alone rather then in a group. In event of conflict, Ace is cool, calm, and collected always taking the most practical and logical steps towards finding solutions for problems and never loosing her cool under stressful circumstances.

Davis Jenkins is a tall and muscular man, working as a mall security officer who occasionally moonlights as a amateur poker player on his off days. Davis may look quite physically imposing due to his tall muscular structure, but in reality Davis is quite soft spoken and reserved when it comes to social interaction. A man of action, Davis doesn't like sitting around to much and often goes with gut instinct when it comes to dealing with conflict. Being a mall cop means that Davis has experience in dealing with all kinds of people, while also having minimal training in use of his privately issued handgun. Davis is a long time friend of Ace, having frequented the casino she works at for most of his adult life. Davis in person is relatively reserved and often will act as a team player in the interest of helping others.
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Well dang we're all set to have a bloody town by now! Laugh This is going to be great.
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Jesus. This blew up. Okay. Entries are now closed. I'll begin the story this evening or tomorrow sometime. Should be the evening.
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