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Rift Between Realms - Elphyda - 04-24-2016

Closed role play.  RP plan and discussion here.  Peeps involved: Yuugata, Ateren, Lunas.

It was in the beginning of Winter.  The air was cold, with a small breeze.  There were few clouds in the sky -- too few to block the crescent moon hovering high in the sky.  It was a quiet night for normal residents of the city, but it was busy for me.  I stood in the centre of the street, staring down the road with open hands.  The other side held steam -- a warm disturbance in the otherwise chilled temperature, causing a thin white mist to emit from it.  I rotated my left hand slowly, to have my palm face toward it.  The object hurled itself at me, and fast.  I gripped the air hard, and a harsh dry burning sound echoed down the street as a black bar formed in my hand, rocketing out and forming an impossibly large sickle.  I swung it around my head, and flung myself in the direction of the object.  Shortly after, a bang was heard, followed by a rapid release of heat.  The clock's bell in the middle of the city chimed.  It was eleven at night.

Alarms blared from the cars on the sides of the road I was on.  Some had broken windows from the sudden force of the heat pressed on them.  I looked behind me to see the source fade away, sucked into the ground with a dark violet hue.  As I stared at the sentient wisps of air taking it in, I remembered the poor human it was within.  She looked so innocent...  The sickle rapidly shrunk in my hand, and when I opened my hand it was empty.  It's all just part of my "probation", but I still could never get used to ones like that.  I clenched my teeth.  To think it was a lowly D-Class who did it...  I rushed forward.  Tonight was busy.  I couldn't waste time reminiscing.

RE: Rift Between Realms - Ateren - 04-24-2016

Ateren, ever the night dweller, was at home and wide awake. He had learned how to do something fairly simple. Origami. He was getting frustrated as he kept folding the paper just wrong enough to where it caused the thing to be unbalanced. Many pieces of paper were used up in the process. 9 o' clock quickly turned to 10. Then to 10: 30. Then just before eleven he heard a distant boom. He lifted his head and raised an eyebrow. His mind drifted to the possibilities, but he could only guess considering he tends to stay indoors at this time of night. He was going to stay up another hour or two but he decided to call it in early. He blamed it on the fact that he was doing something quiet and nothing too stressing. Even if it was frustrating trying to get it perfect.

Ateren placed his creation onto the table and puts on his night time pajamas. A sky blue pajama set with hammers dotted all over it. He had a hat to match that looked like a hat from a certain sword bearing video game character. But it simply was a hat that people used to wear back in the day when sleeping. Especially during winter. He attempted to fall asleep.

RE: Rift Between Realms - Lunas - 04-26-2016

Lunas too isn't exactly an early riser. He woke up sometime in the afternoon and hasn't gone to sleep yet. He's on his computer, feet kicked back, eating cereal because, why not? Cans of energy drinks (Sugar Free ones) litter his desk, some knocked over, most standing in rank and file. Papers of various kinds stack up nicely on the opposite side of the desk, some are drawings, most are mail. The room itself is fairly neat, with the exception of that desk. Despite it being dark outside, there were always light on, cars going by, the sounds of various aircraft overhead, and the occasional blue and red flashes outside or going down the street. The sound of an explosion of any kind is still rare even still and Lunas looks outside his window. there's nothing in the immediate area to be worried about so he forgets about it quickly and goes back his bowl of cereal.

RE: Rift Between Realms - jla619 - 04-27-2016

11 PM. After finishing my noodle cup dinner, i hear a loud bang roughly two clicks away, looks like I'll be sleeping in late. I quickly put on my military clothing and grab my gear then start to head out. It wasn't that far, but I didn't want to take the risk of losing whoever did it, so I rushed into my Black Hummer and start heading out to the scene.

 After about 10 minutes, I arrive, glass broken and car alarms blaring. No sign of blood. Strange. I keep searching around for any sort of clue, any sign of something being around but with no luck. I sigh with my hand on my forehead, this is going to be a long time ahead of me. I get into my Hummer again and await any sounds or news on the radio, hoping that the night would not be wasted in vain. As I as getting to my hummer however, I notice something, once again, strange. Heat. At Winter's doorstep, there was heat in the direction in front of me,  which felt all too similar to the heat I felt with the prototype. I must remember this. I quickly write it down in my notebook then wait for anything else in my Hummer.

RE: Rift Between Realms - Elphyda - 04-27-2016

I looked around as I rushed through the streets -- some empty, some fairly busy for this time of night. The more busy the area, the harder it was to find my targets. Thankfully, they don't usually hang around there in case they lose their time in their disguises. As I approached an ally, I found two humans, awkwardly staring at me. There was much wrong with them.... they weren't humans, and one was about to pop. I stared at them with my notorious blank stare as I pointed my palm toward them. One ran toward me, while the other clutched his stomach, falling to the floor. As the other man approached, I gripped at the air and rotated my thumb toward him as the dry burning sound occurred once more, the black pole bolting out and hitting the man hard in the chest, flinging him back to the other one. Shortly afterward, as my sickle took on its full shape, the one holding his stomach popped. Blood and shredded organs burst from where they once were, accompanied by a generous amount of heat. The burst pushed the other man back, but I watched as he absorbed the heat expulsion from the other. To think they could be so selfish...

After the short rain of blood from the first burst, a looming fog of heat stood in its place, much larger than the body it was within. I frowned at the sight of it -- it was hideous, but definitely weak. I began walking toward it as the fog lunged toward me in aggression. I rotated my sickle, along with my whole body for momentum. After two spins, I swung my sickle, and another harsh bang was heard, before a second burst -- this one of pure heat, as the purple wisps took away the fog once more. I stared emptily at the other man, as I observed him absorb as much of that heat as he could as well. I shook my head, as though in apathetic disbelief.
"You know you're only prolonging it," I said, my tone soft and silky, yet cold and empty. The man grunted as he got up, holding his side where a visible wound was. The blood that came from it was rich and thin, showing how hot it would be within it.
"You don't know me," He spat, his tone disgusted with my very existence. "I'm not a lowly D-Rank like that other one. I can take you!" I let out a sigh.
"You poor, stupid C-Rank..." I said as I swung my sickle around again, before hitting the handle end on the ground, causing another bang. "You have no idea who I am."

RE: Rift Between Realms - Ateren - 04-27-2016

Ateren had curled up in a nice cozy position. It was time to sleep and the coolness of winter was coming and his bedding was giving him comfort. Then another bang was heard, closer at that. "Grruugh... You've got to be..." He said before being interrupted by a yawn. He wants to get up and check it out, but sleep beckons him. He decided that someone else can bother with it as he simply tries to fall asleep once more.

RE: Rift Between Realms - Lunas - 04-27-2016

Whatever noises Lunas is hearing, they aren't near him, so he loses interest. Occasionally glancing out the window to take in the sights. Eventually he goes to make himself something to eat only to find out he's out of anything that sounds appealing.
With a sigh he gets dressed quickly and heads out the door.

RE: Rift Between Realms - jla619 - 04-27-2016

As soon as I get into my hummer, there's another explosion. This can't be a coincidence.  I rev my engine up and start heading down towards the explosion. It didn't take long to get there, although the scenery was different. A normal ally way, except for the fact that it's painted red. No, that isn't just any red, blood. I can tell not only because of the color, but because of the organs laying about and the rich smell of iron. I get out of my car and the instant I get out I notice a figure, most likely 5 feet, with something in its hand, then another against the wall holding his side. Within that instant, I pull up my .45 ACP and get my commanding voice out. "Freeze, hands where I can see them." I kept my eyes trained on the standing up figure. Whatever they had in their hand couldn't be pretty, the scenery most likely made by their hands, sick fuck. Even though I kept my eyes trained, I notice something once again. The heat. This couldn't be any mere person. I slowly reach for my GRM, only to be disapointed that it wasn't on my back. Damn it, was I that careless? No matter, I'm sure my ACP will neutralize them just fine.

RE: Rift Between Realms - Elphyda - 04-28-2016

At the voice, I turned my head to stare at him. My eyes were empty, and glowing their red hue in the moonlight. The man began laughing progressively, all the way to hysteria before swelling up and bursting, organs and blood spewing everywhere from where the body once was. Almost immediately after, the fog within lunged itself toward me. I looked back, then back to the human before swinging my sickle again, the hilt forcefully jamming into the side of the one with the gun - knocking it out of his hand - and the blade going into the fog. I swung the weapon around more and flung the fog to the building across the street. A dent was put into it about the size of an entire floor on it. After, I jumped and kicked off the ally wall, spinning to jam my blade into it again, before looping around the handle and using that extra momentum to fling the fog down, causing a smaller dent in the street. I landed next to it with grace, before finally scooping up the fog with my sickle, throwing it into the air, and slicing through it as it came back down. A large bang was heard, as heat burst in all directions, shattering the windows in the hummer and some on the buildings across the street. Visible purple wisps grabbed at the two pieces of fog, and dragged it into the ground, only to disappear afterward.

I retracted my weapon once more, causing that dry burning sound as it disappeared into my hand. Afterward, I walked up to the gun on the ground, picking it up and heading over to the human. Once on front of him, I pointed the gun at him with cold, empty eyes.
"Do not interfere with me again," I said, my voice still silky and smooth, but my tone harsh and empty. I tossed the gun up to hold it by the barrel, and held it toward him. "You almost lost your life tonight." I stared into the man's eyes, as though scanning his very existence. "You shouldn't have any broken bones, which is also a plus for you."

RE: Rift Between Realms - Ateren - 04-28-2016

Ateren slept on the fourth floor apartments. It was a cozy spot with windows looking over the street. He was finally starting to drift away into the wonders that is sleep until something smashed into the first floor of the apartments. "W-What the?" He heard continual banging and curiously, but with caution, got up. Then another loud explosion happened and he heard nearby windows break. His bedroom window received a crack, but being on the 4th floor probably helped keep it from actually breaking.

He was extremely hesitant to touch that window. He decided to tip toe to the living room area and gently raise that window. He ducked his head outside and took a look. He couldn't see much. It was pretty dark but he instead closed the window and hopped to investigate in the morning. That is, if the building doesn't get blown up he feared.