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Elphyda Uxin - Elphyda - 09-20-2017

Name: Elphyda Uxin
Nickname(s): Elphie, Bunbun, Bunliz
Age: 16 years (Nov 11)
Sex: Female
Species: Bunny/Chameleon
Race: Britannia Petite / Chameleon
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: Open
Language(s): English, Japanese, Shyelxian
Religion: Private Practise
Occupation: UX Graphic Artist and Website Designer (in Modern settings) | Sorcerer/Wizard (in Fantasy settings) | Author (in Renaissance settings)

Fur Colour: Off-white
Hair Colour: Turquoise
Hair Style: Ponytail, Fringe covering left side of face and eye (can be shifted to cover right eye)
Tail Colour: Varied by emotion (Default scaly green)
Facial Hair: None
Eye Colour: Blue / Gold (Left/Right)
Height: 100cm (3'2")
Weight: 15kg (~33lbs)
Bust: B cup

Tatoos: none
Piercings: Silver Bars (nipples)
Scars/Impurities: none

    Varied by setting.  General rule of thumb is that she's fairly shy and nearly reclusive, but bubbly toward close ones.  Her gold eye is more calculated and sexual while her blue eye is more emotional and romantic.

[Image: emwj3UK.jpg]
[Image: pRQycdh.png]