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Dewott resurrection - DannyDewott - 09-18-2017

Hey everyone, so this is kind of awkward, I don't really know where this kind of "come back after a long period of time" thread belongs so just to be safe I'll just leave it here as a kind of re-introduction thread
Short summary, I transferred schools which started a new path in my life, now I'm studying game art and design. I might make a new post about stuff I've been drawing in and out of school, depending on who wants to really see my artwork and critique it
I've been away for a long time I figured I should come back and help this forum become more active. Hope this helps and sorry to everyone that missed me. I'm back

RE: Dewott resurrection - Ateren - 09-18-2017

:3 Hoi.

RE: Dewott resurrection - Elphyda - 09-18-2017

Welcome back, Danny! Glad to see you back.

RE: Dewott resurrection - Chaso - 09-18-2017

Heyo! Nice to see you back!