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04-21-2016, 02:27 AM
by Elphyda

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12 74 The Basement Troll Return...
09-20-2017, 02:21 AM
by Firebreak
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12-28-2017, 10:53 PM
by Zenith
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01-19-2018, 01:19 AM
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01-18-2018, 01:12 AM
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01-11-2018, 07:18 PM
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01-12-2018, 07:59 AM
by Zenith

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The Great Pony War
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Damn, over three months of silence.
11 Jan 23:33
We mus all discover de wey eventually, komrades.
09 Jan 02:09
Post more, dammit.
08 Jan 21:14
Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys. I spent it in a different state, so I didn't get to check here until today. Nyu
30 Sep 00:04
Yeah Happy 21st Birthday Yoru! Go get out there and be of age to drink! (Also if your not too busy, now we're getting multi-lingual marketing bots. This one speaks both German AND French. Technology is a scary things at times.)
25 Sep 19:42
Ayy, happy birthday Yoru! ^_^ (At least, based on my timezone, not sure about yours but if I'm a little early that's okay right? x3)
25 Sep 07:08
"BATTERIES?!" ~ Some guy in a commercial that I vaguely remember. xD
21 Sep 06:32
"SANCTUARY!" - Quasimodo
21 Sep 05:08
21 Sep 01:23
Lets be honest, RPN is just a asylum in disguise. WEIRDNESS HOOOOO
20 Sep 18:57
They learn from the best: me. Nyu
20 Sep 18:12
You people are weird.
20 Sep 14:56
You'll be fine. If you want I can cook up somethin or another for Lite RP cause I'm myself ehavily out of pratice for RPing X_x
20 Sep 06:15
Hm... Maybeh I will, maybeh.
20 Sep 06:13
Now contribute your knowledge of stuff and do some stuff! Preferably something to do with RP.
20 Sep 05:54
That is also true. And that's why I'm back from the land of the lurkers ^_^
20 Sep 04:56
It'd be nice still to have vets around!
20 Sep 04:50
True, it is still pretty quiet... But I'm sure it'll get better soon with all these neat new additions and stuff :P
20 Sep 04:27
Nice to see you back though! We need people to be around, is to quiet.
20 Sep 04:21
Side note by the way: I now have another discord channel to post in once in a blue moon if I have something moderately interesting or funny to say, so that's neat. All of this new stuff is neat. x3
20 Sep 03:52