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"BATTERIES?!" ~ Some guy in a commercial that I vaguely remember. xD
21 Sep 06:32
"SANCTUARY!" - Quasimodo
21 Sep 05:08
21 Sep 01:23
Lets be honest, RPN is just a asylum in disguise. WEIRDNESS HOOOOO
20 Sep 18:57
They learn from the best: me. Nyu
20 Sep 18:12
You people are weird.
20 Sep 14:56
You'll be fine. If you want I can cook up somethin or another for Lite RP cause I'm myself ehavily out of pratice for RPing X_x
20 Sep 06:15
Hm... Maybeh I will, maybeh.
20 Sep 06:13
Now contribute your knowledge of stuff and do some stuff! Preferably something to do with RP.
20 Sep 05:54
That is also true. And that's why I'm back from the land of the lurkers ^_^
20 Sep 04:56
It'd be nice still to have vets around!
20 Sep 04:50
True, it is still pretty quiet... But I'm sure it'll get better soon with all these neat new additions and stuff :P
20 Sep 04:27
Nice to see you back though! We need people to be around, is to quiet.
20 Sep 04:21
Side note by the way: I now have another discord channel to post in once in a blue moon if I have something moderately interesting or funny to say, so that's neat. All of this new stuff is neat. x3
20 Sep 03:52
Well I see how it is, goin and making me feel BAD for leaving... Meanie <_<
20 Sep 03:45
Ah. Good to know.
20 Sep 00:06
Having not signed in at all in 31 days.
18 Sep 21:16
Out of curiosity, what constitutes an Inactive Rank? (Also just checked the list. Man that's depressing.)
18 Sep 20:14
Inactive rank and automated rank updates implemented. Now we see how truly empty RPN's gotten. Sad
18 Sep 06:59
Thread Prefixes updated to fit alphabetically. Triple and quadruple prefixes removed. If you need more than two, default it to either the one or two, and state the others in your first post. Alright
18 Sep 00:36