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(Alright folks here we are, Rules are simple. The setting is a small city and the surrounding area. Characters can have any reason to be there, whether they live there, are visiting, on vacation, passing through, you name it. There's nothing special or fantastic about this world, nothing particularly magical or much different from our own besides the fact that it's inhabited by each and every one of you furs. The end goal is to promote interaction and not to have any particular story, though if one forms over time that'd be a nice surprise~)

Lunas himself is outside at the breaking of dawn in a park that's quiet this time of morning. The sun's only just creeping over the horizon and the sky's slowly burning orange. That's his signal for sleep time but frankly he's not feeling too tired despite the fact that he's lazing on a park bench. He's lost in his head and is enjoying the cool temperature.
I'll use Yuugata Aurora for this one, the fur.

"It's too fucking early..." I think to myself as I groggily walk down the road of which I live on. It was near a little park that I never really cared much for - so many screaming children are there when I get off work. Screams I don't want to hear after such long days. I took a look at my phone to see how much time until I start work, and-- wait, it's Saturday... My schedule was recently adjusted for the next few weeks to train some newbies in the office, and it sets me to be off on weekends! I didn't have to get out of bed today! I gritted my teeth as I shoved my phone back in my pocket. I was too awake now to just go back home and go back to sleep, which was irritating to say the least. Maybe I should just enjoy the sunrise, I guess. I unzipped my black hoodie about a quarter of the way, showing my white tank top underneath before walking up to the park.

When approaching the park, I noticed a really tall bat there, but he seemed to be minding his own business. He shouldn't be a bother for me. I sat on the bench about two metres from his and stared at the auburn sky. It was a nice sight, when you get to stop and actually look. I don't know if it was worth waking up so early, though. I let out an audible sigh. Fuck me for not fixing my alarm cycle. I let the fringe of my hair droop over my left eye to keep it darker over it and crossed my legs, causing a soft sliding sound from my black skinny jeans. Thank God it would have been casual day today. I was not willing to sit here if I was in my stupid uniform.
I'm too distracted to notice the shorter visitor until she sighs. Ears perking up and immediately sitting up startled with a 'yelp', Turning around, fixing eyes and blinking.

"Jeez, don't scare me like that... er... I mean, sorry but you scared me."

My hood flipped up over my head when I sat up and I let it down again, tightening it so it doesn't do that again, and stretching.
I have no idea how long I've sat there but I feel pretty stiff. Even still, I keep my hoodie on though it bars me from stretching my wings.
As the sunrise finally rose, Ateren's room began to fill with light. He tossed and turned several times before slowly sitting up. Ateren wore a sky blue pajama set with custom hammer icons all over it. He wore a cap that matched it that's similar to Link's cap and has a star at the tip of the cap. He rubs his eyes and groaned. Living alone, he went up and made himself breakfast. Egg scramble and stir fry! He chopped up plenty of onions, potatoes and peppers into a pan and cracked two eggs into it. He made himself coffee, plenty of cream and sugar with hazelnut flavoring. He essentially ate in his jammies before grabbing something comfortable to wear. He puts on a brown trench coat with a white undershirt and blue jeans as well as his blue two-toned stripped scarf.

Ateren heads outside his condo after putting on some green-tinted shades and going for a walk. He puts on some tunes on his Walkman and strides down the ways in a quite comical walk cycle. He eventually passes the park, reaching the round about location of Lunas and Yuu. But rather than taking a seat nearby he heads over to a nearby tree and leans against it. He lightly taps his foot to the song he's listening to.
I rose an eyebrow at the bat as he flinched and barked at me. He may have corrected himself, but I was in no mood for such attitude. I simply scoffed and looked back to the sunrise. I was exhausted, but not tired enough to sleep. This was a perfect ingredient to a shitty day. I let out another sigh, this one in irritation. As the sun rose, I went to my thoughts. It was too quiet to just sit and stare -- I'd go crazy. After the sun rose above the mountains, I looked over the park. It was a lot neater than when children are strewn across it. I rubbed my eyes, and when I brought my paws down, there was some pony just leaning on a tree. They were minding their own business, so I thought little of it.

I continued looking over the area absentmindedly, just waiting for myself to either think of something to do or get tired enough to go home and back to sleep. That's when my thoughts crossed on the bat. I looked over to him, and noticed he was still there.
"Hey," I called to him. "What are you even doing up? Aren't you nocturnal?"
I blink, looking around. Looks like one or two people are starting to be out and about, such as the nearby figure minding his own business, listening to his music.
Ears twitch and I relax again.

"Hehe, I guess so, but I slept in this evening and have been out and about all day. Besides, I don't really feel that sleepy."
"What about you, isn't it a bit early for you all to be out and about?"

He says in a playful-sort of retaliation toward her statement. He's not used to having people try to talk to him so it's a nice pleasant surprise.
Ateren's ear twitches as he noticed the others having a conversation. In response he turns his music down to listen in on their conversation. After hearing the bat like person respond, he was curious to know the fox's response. So far he feels that butting in this early would be a tad rude. So he continues minding his own business other than the apparent eavesdropping.
I huffed irritably after getting the either mocking or playful reply from the bat.
"I thought I had work today," I grunted. "I forgot to fix my alarms." I looked to the grass. They appeared a yellow-green hue, due to its patchy watering, thanks to the damn kids toying with the sprinklers until they nearly broke. The city hasn't come to fix them yet, so the grass has been relying on our fairly little rainfall to survive. "I'm irked that I could have slept in today." I eventually added a softer tone. I put my paws in my hoodie pockets. They felt naked without the fingerless gloves I usually wear with them.
"Ahhh that sucks, but at least it's a great morning yeah? Silver linings and all that."

I kind of want to lay back down but also don't want to be rude. Besides, he likes the conversation and hopes she sticks around some. In such a short time the sky's gotten brighter.
He might like the conversation but he doesn't like being at the center of a large number of people. He weighs his options to see if it'd be best to stay or go.
The conversation seemed to have been going fairly. Some tension but nothing too bad. As soon as his current song ended he turned off the Walkman and gave full attention to the conversation. He finally decides to insert himself into the conversation.

"You could always take a nap later. I tend to take them more often than I should." He said giving a light shrug before rubbing the back of his neck. He began to feel tense until he heard their reaction to a third member entering the conversation. He hoped for a good response, but he was prepared to sink away at the sight of annoyance toward his presence.
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