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A new group of heroes comes to Equestria. They just don't know it yet. How do they find out? What happens in the time leading up to their adventures?

There's going to be some slice of life, romance... adventuring... action! And all that fun shit that comes in a normal pony roleplay. In other words, not a complicated one but it'll be for fun.

The heroes will most be our quadripedal pony friends but they will have two bipedal citizens among them. Sometimes you just need a little dexterity. :p

Anyhow, my two mains will be the non-pony heroes and I'll fill in for other ponies be they integral to the story or just side characters.

Anyway, the main narrator of the story is Alex. He's a full blooded Saiyan, but doesn't really act like it. He's more human in behavior and appearance, except for his characteristic spiky black hair. He's fairly short and not at all heavily muscled, and he wears glasses. His love interest in this adventure will be the candy mare, Bon Bon!

The other non-pony main will be Marisa. She's a magical human, capable of using similar abilities to unicorns, though less powerful. She is actually able to fly and conjure explosive attacks. And she can use magic materialization. Her love interest will be the bubble butt Derpy. Yep, some girl on girl. :p

Who's gonna come with? What will the romance do? What new perils await Equestria? WILL THEY BONE? LET'S FIND OUT!

OCs and background characters only. No "main" characters. They'll appear though.
Count me in! (Now then time to cook up someone new)
Look! A thing!

Full Name: Polished Lumine
Nicknames: Lumine, Lumi to friends
Species: Pegasus
Ethnicity: Equestrian
Age: 22
Gender: Stallion
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Hometown: Cloudsdale, Equestria
Occupation: Courier
Coat Colour: Cloud White almost Metallic in Nature
Mane Colour/ Tail Colour: Grayish Black
Eye Colour: Heterochromia; Left eye is Lake Blue, Right Eye is Gold
Cutie Mark: Pegasus Wings over a Cloud
Desc.: Polished Lumine or just Lumi to his friends is a heavily unassuming pegasus courier of the city of Cloudsdale. Soft spoken and generally quiet Lumi likes to spend most of his time either reading or taking leisurely flights through a destination of his choice preferably alone. Born to as the younger brother to two busy parents, most of Lumi's childhood was spent shadowing his older brother Storm Wind who acted as a strong role model for Lumi as he grew up. However eventually Lumi's elder brother would go off to join the Royal Guard. A stallion of peace and books, not war and weapons, Lumi instead opted for another job in an attempt to keep in contact with his Elder Brother and became a private courier working closely with the Royal Guard delivering goods from homes and carrying messages back from the lonely barracks of Canterlot. A skilled and well versed flyer Lumi is one of the fastest couriers in the company he works for and prides himself on his efficient deliveries. A quiet but kind stallion, Lumi isn't totally adverse to conversation and can in fact easily make friends as he has a naturally soft charm of his own. Learning from his brother he has adopted a calm and stoic nature befitting that of a royal guard and will generally approach problems as calmly and coolly as possible. However unlike his brother, Lumi does have his limits and can get impatient over certain issues and is notably stubborn on others. Regardless Lumi isn't easily perturbed nor angered and will generally go with the flow. Lumi also prides himself on being a great listener and is keen to hear stories and tales of other ponies.
I will more than likely jump in~
I'll go for it.  I'll likely write a half-assed char informational of my horse later, edited into this post.

Name: Night Zeal
Nickname(s): none
Age: 21 years (Nov 11)
Sex: Female
Species: Pegasus/Zebra
Race: Shyelxian Equestrian
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: Single
Language(s): Equestrian, Fringean, Shyelxian
Religion: Private Practise
Occupation: Waitress at The Hay Burger

Fur Colour: Cream
Hair Colour: Violet Black (Dyed; naturally Brunette)
Hair Style: Mesy/Poofy, fringe often covering at least a portion of one of her eyes
Tail Colour: Violet Black (Dyed; naturally Brunette)
Facial Hair: None
Eye Colour: Crystalline Blue
Height: Only a little taller than an average filly
Wingspan: Gryphon
Weight: Light

Tatoos: none
Piercings: none
Scars/Impurities: Stripes resembling that of a Zebra's burned into her back and hind legs, often hidden by clothing of some kind

Will be demonstrated in the RP.

Hokay. Who's everyone else going to be playing? Can I get some info pls?

Also. Gonna need some romantic interests if you're keen on that part. And need people to play my two listed above.

Once we get all that set, we'll get the ball rollin' on this bad boy.
Bam. Details are in.
Also, this goes without saying, since there's going to be romantic subplots that will inevitably lead to certain... ahem... activities. This is fine, but don't go into detail. A lewd hint is fine but no details. Anyone leaving details will get bitchslapped by me then Yoru.
(01-17-2018, 09:04 PM)Firebreak Wrote: [ -> ]Also, this goes without saying, since there's going to be romantic subplots that will inevitably lead to certain... ahem... activities. This is fine, but don't go into detail. A lewd hint is fine but no details. Anyone leaving details will get bitchslapped by me then Yoru.

Emphasis on "Then", meaning both of us are gonna do it. Nyu
I'd rather not play the two 'mains' up above. But as for a pony, I'd like to use Sapphire 'Mageblade' Dew. I already made a repository for her.
So, when we startin' this?
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