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"Tsuki, order up!" my manger says to me, taking me out of a day dream I was in for a moment.

"R-right away!"

I grab the ticket and skim through it before getting to work on the order. One medium coffee with three cream and a sugar; the order was so easy that I could make that in my sleep! I hastily pour the water and coffee beans into the coffee maker before getting out the cream. I notice the entrance opening and glanced up to see another customer walking in with my manger no where in sight to get their order.

With a huff, I walk to the counter and thought of what I will say, "H-hello miss! What can I get for you?" I say to them as I smile enthusiastically at them and stare politely into their eyes, though they were hidden by shades.

 "A small black coffee, please." she replies.

I nod at her and type in the order into the cash register. "That will be $3.10, please." I say with a slightly shaky voice. From the looks of it, they seemed to be around the same age as me, maybe slightly older. As they hand me a $5 bill, I hand them their change and get back to the coffee maker.

"Alright, I can knock down two birds with one stone." I mutter to myself as I pour the coffee in a medium cup, then following suite with a small.

I pour the rest of coffee into another small cup for a future order then carefully pour three cream into the medium coffee in the shape of a heart. I drizzle the sugar around and give it a quick stir before bringing it back to the register.

"One medium coffee with three cream and one sugar!" I say before going back for the small coffee. I quickly bring it to the register as well.

 "Here you go miss, a small black coffee." I say giving them a smile once more. They mutter a quick thanks before walking away to a nearby table. 

I check my watch on my left arm to see how much time till I my shift was done. "10:30 AM, one more hour then I'll be out of here." I say happily. With my luck, I'll be able to leave with no more customers coming in.

I look up to the doors and see a small group of four young adults come in, being obnoxiously loud. "Of course, I can't have a decent Monday morning now, can I?" I whisper under my breath.

Although it isn't the first time a group came in like this, something didn't sit well in my stomach. I check my pockets and keep my Kubotan at the ready.

"Good morning, how may I help you guys?"
Another normal day of classes. 'Well at least that's how it always is' thought Azaroa flipping casually through the text she had already read and memorized ages ago. These days, classes were more something to do when she wasn't called into the station to help out. But today was a quiet day so Azaroa hummed to herself in mild boredom for this was her last class of the day, as she liked taking classes in the morning. Not much to do and she had already long since finished her assigned homework.
Azaroa yawned then finally got up stretching her legs as the class around her slowly filters out. With a quick swipe she grabs her hat that had been sitting on her desk and her bag below her chair before exiting the classroom to a bright morning outside. Azaroa checks her watch. 10:25 A.M. 'Still early' she thinks. Azaroa yawns again and then reasons she might as well pick up some coffee before going back to her apartment to rest until she was called again for work and so she put on her cap and started to walk.
Azaroa knew of quite a few coffee shops around the area but decided for today to visit a completely new one she had not visited before, not to far from the university. In fact it was a mere five minutes of walking or so. Azaroa entered directly behind a small group of what she assumed to be other students being rather obnoxiously loud but Azaroa dismissed this for now. She had plenty of other things to focus on such as the new Criminal Justice Book she had just gotten slowly burning a hole in her bag. But that could wait reasoned Azaroa. For now she needed a coffee and decided to queue up behind the group of adults and looked to their side to see the menu and quickly decided to get just a coffee for now. At the counter, a young man probably around her age manned the register currently greeting the group ahead of her. Though that was not what caught Azaroa's eye, it was instead that the young man looked concerned about something. Just before engaging the group, Azaroa had seen him frisk his own pockets. 'Unusual...' thought Azaroa but for now she decided to stay in line.
Mornings are such a drag, especially when there's no school

I sat stationary, in the corner of the shoppe I frequent for breakfast. From here, I can see everyone who comes and goes while I eat my usual banana nut muffin— allowing me to know if any contacts or authorities arrive. People watching was an avid pass time for me, given everything I do. Each person who came in seemed exactly the same as the rest: bored looking, hurried and simple customers wanting to get coffee and perhaps a drink, usually for to go unless they had a book or laptop with them, which usually indicated they were going to stay much longer than their order. Tall, short, thin and plump individuals of all ages; men, woman, and children all alike— though the children, of course, did not order any coffee and were usually on the lookout for any sweets.

I sank my teeth into the top of the muffin I had purchased earlier. The one I bought it from was the general manager of the store, who I've grown an acquaintanceship with. However, I noticed a rather nervous looking male working in the back as I was ordering. I was thankful he was not the one who took my orders, as today I did not feel up to saying anything other than "the usual". Regardless, he seemed to be taking the orders just fine from the other customers, who weren't quite as regular as myself. Another I noticed was a woman who recently walked in. She seemed extremely observant— I did not like it. I retained my casual composure in case she were an undercover or off duty narc, as I didn't feel like starting a firefight so early in the morning, especially in the one sanctuary I had outside my apartment and school grounds. However, I did keep a passive eye on her in the most passive way possible. Only way she'd find out is if she were a specialist, and if she were… then a firefight would be imminent.
Get up! The Queen has a job for you to do!

Ateren rolled in bed to face the voice that pierced his room. It was a guy in a tattered undershirt and pants with a hoodie. The hood is down and his undershirt has a crescent moon on it. His hands dug deep into his hoodie's front pockets. Ateren thought about how cliché some of these guys dress in the city. Despite that, it was definitely cold down here. "Thank you alarm clock. Do you have the time as well?" Ateren asked with a light smirk as he threw the covers off of him. As the man answers Ateren, Ateren would get up and stretch. At first glance he looks like a regular Caucasian with chocolate brown hair and green eyes; however, he sports a lovely set of sky blue pajamas with little hammers and lightning bolts dotting the cotton exterior. In addition, he has a cone like hat with the same style with a lovely white ball at the end.

The hooded hoodlum shook his head in light annoyance before responding. "It's 9:32, here's the job-" He started as he placed down an envelope on the desk. "-just make sure you aren't caught." The hooded hoodlum shuffled out of the room leaving Ateren to his morning rituals. Which include the usual, most notably changing into a set of blue jeans, green undershirt with a brown bomber jacket. Adding a pair of green shades he puts on a backpack that holds a small variety of tools that help him with his 'job'. The backpack itself is kind of an eyesore, being a plain metal rectangle box with leather straps attached to it.

Not really caring for the repercussions he reads the job letter and puts said letter into his backpack. He makes his way out of his room into a dank underside apartment complex. Floor, B3. This apartment complex only has floors 1-8. Yet it's ran by a hidden organization that has a certain set of basement floors away from public eye. As he walks up the stairs he'll hear a few conversations, one of them being a complaint that the organization should actually start doing something for once. The response being that some are glad they're a bit inactive because it keeps them wa~ay under the radar of cop investigations. Almost going as far as saying we're just a legal business with a few health violations.

Ateren locks the keypad door behind him and makes his way out of the complex. The locked door cleverly has the words 'Employee Lounge' over it. Which is true to some degree. Ateren thinks about getting some hazelnut flavored coffee as he thinks about this new 'job' that he has to do. As he rounds the corner, he spots a group of individuals heading toward the coffee shop he was heading toward. He honestly didn't want to go in any where near the same time as them. Mainly because he would honestly look the part with the sunshades and the bomber jacket look he's sporting. He decided to snoop by one of the windows in a cautious manor.
"Alright, so I have for the order: one medium coffee with two cream and a sugar, one espresso with two shots of cream, a large black coffee and finally a water. Is that all?" I say to the group calmly. They all nod in agreement and whisper amongst themselves as I ring up their total. Unfortunately, I could only pick up pieces of it.

"Your turn to. . ." 

"Nah, Bryan got the short end. . ."

I frown at the fact that they were planning something. Perhaps I'm overthinking it, they were just choosing who was going to pay for the drinks. "$10.23 please." I say to them. Each of them place down an assortment of bills, each being more crumpled than the next persons. 'Well there goes that theory.' I think to myself. 

I give them back their change and quickly begin on the order all while trying to listen in on the conversation still. Where was my manager when I needed him the most, such as right now? I glance at them through the coffee maker's surface, though it was too blurry to make out anything specific. At most, they would point at each other and looked around. 'Calm down, don't go guns blazing just yet.' I think to calm my nerves. Unfortunately, the coffee shop's cameras are currently broken and the silent alarm is in the back, making my options very limited. 

After finishing their order, I hand them their drinks and watch them as they sit down at a table near the window. Something still did not sit well in the pit of my stomach, mostly because of what they were wearing. I began to make a mental note in my head of each one of them, taking into consideration everything I could from afar. 

One of them, a tall Caucasian with black shades thicker than an imaginary number, seemed to be the leader of the group. He wore a black biker jacket and held it close to his body, like he was hiding something. He sported a black comb over with a strange design on the side of his head that I couldn't quite make out. Another one wore glasses with a blonde mullet, acting the most nervous of the four. He wore a zip up sweater that was a bit bigger than his body with loosely-fit jeans to match. From the looks of it, he was mix between Asian and Hispanic. The shortest one seemed to be the most decently dressed, wearing nothing too large save for his jacket and having curly red hair. Finally, the last guy was the strangest. He seemed to be robotic in a sense, wearing a black hoodie and sweat pants. His hair was a black crew cut, but the thing that kept me the most on edge was the fact that he always seemed to have been watching me ever since they came into the coffee shop. 

My mind came back into reality when the customer in front of me cleared their throat. I faintly blush in embarrassment but couldn't help to watch the group out of the corner of my eye. "Yes miss, so sorry. How may I help you?" I ask as I hold my Kubotan in my right hand, hidden from plain sight in the pocket of my hoodie.
Azaroa sat in line for a bit waiting for the group ahead of her to finish up ordering and for a good few seconds she found herself standing at the counter watching as the young man on the register carefully followed the group ahead of her with his eyes. Azaroa was almost certain the young man looked quite concerned about something or another. It took clearing her throat to get his attention before the young man actually turned to her but Azaroa couldn't help but notice that one of the young mans hands was not visible behind the counter, currently resting in the pocket of his hoodie. Azaroa felt mildly uneasy about the whole thing and decided for now to try to keep an eye on the group the young man was watching. But for now Azaroa replied bluntly,
" Medium Coffee. Black."
For now Azaroa chose not complain. It was to early in the morning for that and for now Azaroa just really needed a coffee.
The line's process kept turning, albeit slowly, and came to a complete stop when some woman was up next. The group ahead of her, who had just ordered and payed seemed to keep the eye of the cashier. I found this as truly none of my business, so I didn't care to pay much attention to the cashier. For now, my attention was on the woman. Taking another bite, I focused on everything around me— people, objects, decorations, really anything that could be used as a weapon against me. I did this casually, as though observing the décor itself. After noting that everything within easy reach would need either two people or plenty of time to dodge, I looked back to my laptop. I, as usual, had all sound muted as I ran my searches.

One… seven… sixteen…… twenty-eight…

I read each and every name that came up in the search, and only a couple came out of the ordinary. Guessing by those around, "Aether" would have to be the most nerdy one here— most likely the cashier. After an extremely short moment of thinking, I decided to remote in and connect. A couple swipes of my finger on the mousepad and two clicks later, a quick screen popped up before a simple "connected". This poor kid won't enjoy the screening he'll need later, but that's his problem. I opened Tor, and began navigating my way where I needed. Work can never wait, especially in this city.
Ateren always wondered how people can poke their heads around corners and not get seen or caught. Which is why he uses a makeshift spy scope. He also wondered why they called these scopes so blatantly what they're used for since it defeats the purpose of being under cover. Regardless, a small round object with a lens would pop around the edge of a window. A lot more useful than just poking ones head around. But as he watches the events that unfold inside the coffee shop, he made sure to look around his own surroundings to avoid being caught snooping so suspiciously.
I type in the request with my left hand while holding tight to my Kubotan. "$3.75 please." I say half-aware with what I was actually doing. My mind, on the other hand, was racing like no tomorrow. After giving the customer her change, I pour the coffee in a medium cup and hand it to her before focusing back on the group. I walk towards the coffee maker and lean against the cabinets, grabbing out my phone and flipping through the home screen back and forth to act like I was currently distracted.  'If I can catch them making a move without them knowing, maybe I can catch them off guard.' I thought to myself. 

Out the corner of my eye, I see them raise from their seats to throw away their cups. The begin to walk back to the counter, with their 'leader' leaning against the it while the others get into a formation around him. "Hey, 'cuse me. I have an issue with my drink." he said with a gravelly voice. I look up from my phone as slide it into the pocket of my jeans. 'Please let this be a normal request, please let this be a normal request.' I plead in my mind.

"Yes sir, what is it?" I say from where I was. Apparently he didn't like how I was a ways off still since he began to lean more against the counter. 

"Ya see, I'm a simple man, and the espresso you gave me was great. Unfortunately, I don't have the money to buy 'nother, so..." He says as he slides a pistol out from underneath his shirt and point it towards me where no one else can see. "I'm 'gon have 'ta ask ya for one on the house, please. And while you're at it, some money for the road." He twitches his gun towards the register to explain what he was implying. I take in a deep breath and think about my options and how stupid each one was. I need to find a way to disarm him and his buddies before they can hurt someone. "O-of course sir, no problem." I say with fear in my voice to hopefully let down their guard a bit. I turn around to turn on the espresso machine and set it to a hotter temperature than normal. My first priority is getting that gun out of his hand then disarming the others.

'Most likely one of them also has a gun. I can't get to the back either or else they'll know I'm up to something. I have to act fast, hopefully not get shot at in the process.' I think to myself as I pour the espresso. I grab the espresso and the unused coffee that was still pretty warm and walk back to the counter. The way I act in the next thirty-seconds or so is going to determine my fate and everyone in this coffee shop's. 'All I wanted was a decent Monday morning.' I think to myself.
Azaroa retrieved her change and choose a seat at a nearby table to enjoy her coffee. As she took a seat she watched out of the corner of her eye as the group the cashier had been keeping an eye on rose from their seats to apparently lodge a complaint with the cashier. But already Azaroa knew something was off. The group approached the cashier and the leader of the group seemed to be leaning awfully close to the counter, as if he were hiding something from view. Azaroa could just barely hear their conversation in the cafe but was able to surmise the words, "...'gon have 'ta ask..." and "money for the road." Azaroa put two and two together and sighed to herself. Idiots robbing a coffee store with a undercover not 5 feet away. Azaroa moved slowly and deliberately reaching into her bag.
During school days Azaroa usually wasn't armed and didn't usually carry around her pistols, but as it happened today Azaroa was expecting to be called in during the early afternoon for work anyways and with luck she had at her disposal her bat and both her guns. Azaroa shuffled slightly messing with her weapons before standing up also under the prefix of getting up to lodge a complaint. She slowly approached the counter behind the group her hands hidden in the pockets of her jacket. The group seemed occupied at the moment talking to the cashier. Rookie mistake. Azaroa swept up casually and held one of her guns to the back of the head of the leader of the group and the other at one of the other members, the one wearing a black hoodie. Azaroa smiles and says simply slightly louder then usual,
" Police, drop the gun asshole. Or we'll have some problems yes?"
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